Re: [ANN] Release 9.6.3

2021-08-08 Thread Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode
Aloha JeeJeeStudio (did not a have a name ), David, Bob: OK! That one that Andre is working on. The in-application, the folder “assets” is where the multi-megabytes are coming from Assets/ audio books img info narratives video It’s the “img/” that is the problem. 75MB! We are putting

Re: Is there an issue with beep on iOS?

2021-08-08 Thread hakan--- via use-livecode
Maybe a stupid suggestion, but has happened to me several times :-0 Have you checked that your phone Is not in silent mode in any way? If you have the phone in silent mode the normal behaviour is to just vibrate. > On 6 Aug 2021, at 02:09, William Prothero via use-livecode > wrote: > >

Slightly OT - Liquid volume measurement (was Is there an issue with beep on IOS)

2021-08-08 Thread Robert Earp via use-livecode
David/Bill/et al, my challenge was accurately filling bottles of wine (draining them never has been a problem !!). For a long time I tried to get LC to communicate with external hardware and finally gave up when I found the joy of the Arduino, and more recently the Raspberry Pie Pico. For