Re: Mesos 1.1.3 release

2017-07-14 Thread Alex Rukletsov
Folks, We are planning to cut the 1.1.3 release once MESOS-7643 is resolved. If you have any patch that needs to get into 1.1.3, please make sure that either it is already in the 1.1.x branch or the corresponding ticket has a target version including 1.1.3. The release dashboard:

Re: Format for attributes with no value

2017-07-14 Thread James Peach
> On Jul 13, 2017, at 1:41 PM, Jeff Kubina wrote: > > I want to know the format for an empty attribute in the list format for the > mesos-slave --attributes option. If I have an attribute, say key2, with no > value would it be "mesos-slave --attributes