Re: Executors no longer inherit environment variables from the agent

2016-03-10 Thread Connor Doyle
Rodrick, in your case those environment variables are set by the framework as part of the TaskInfo, so those shouldn't be affected by the change. On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Rodrick Brown wrote: > This is unfortunate we are using environment variables that get

Re: "Chaos monkey" for mesos?

2016-02-25 Thread Connor Doyle
Doesn't a framework only receive offers from mesos and launch tasks? How >> would a framework kill tasks? Can it also kill slaves? >> * Is it legal in mesos for one framework to kill tasks belonging to >> another framework? >> >> Thanks. >> Srikanth >> >>

Re: "Chaos monkey" for mesos?

2016-02-25 Thread Connor Doyle
I think you could approximate that tool's behavior with some scripting plus `mesos-execute` (ships with the distribution) or by writing a really simple framework that just turns things off. On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Srikanth Viswanathan wrote: > Thanks. Craig and

Re: Recommended way to discover current master

2015-08-31 Thread Connor Doyle
It's also worth noting the existence of the `mesos-resolve` binary, which can turn a canonical Mesos ZK string into the leading master location. -- Connor > On Aug 31, 2015, at 10:39, Marco Massenzio wrote: > > The easiest way is via accessing directly Zookeeper - as you

Re: Custom executor

2015-07-29 Thread Connor Doyle
You don't even have to pre-load the executor on the slave boxes -- just add it as a URL and it will be downloaded to the sandbox like any other resource! On Jul 29, 2015, at 02:47, Aaron Carey wrote: Ah I see.. so is it simply a case of making the executor file executable,

Re: Custom executor

2015-07-29 Thread Connor Doyle wrote: ah cool! Will that run as one instance per task, or one scheduler per slave? From: Connor Doyle [] Sent: 29 July 2015 17:24 To: Subject: Re: Custom executor You don't even have to pre-load the executor on the slave boxes -- just add

Re: [DISCUSS] Renaming Mesos Slave

2015-06-01 Thread Connor Doyle
+1 1. Mesos Worker [node/host/machine] 2. Mesos Worker [process] 3. No, master/worker seems to address the issue with less changes. 4. Begin using the new name ASAP, add a disambiguation to the docs, and change old references over time. Fixing the official name, even before changes are in

Re: CPU resource allocation: ignore?

2015-03-11 Thread Connor Doyle
If you don't care at all about accounting usage of that resource then you should be able to set it to 0.0. As Ian mentioned, this won't be enforced with the cpu isolator disabled. -- Connor On Mar 11, 2015, at 08:43, Ian Downes wrote: The --isolation flag for the slave

Re: Proposal: shared Mesos framework hosting and registry

2014-12-14 Thread Connor Doyle
cloned from the public content URL/Metadata. I don't know if I'm really clear, so if I'm not, let me know it, I'll do some sketches :D 2014-12-02 1:53 GMT+01:00 Connor Doyle Hi Dave, This is a timely topic, since we have been prototyping and mocking up something

Re: Question about External Containerizer

2014-12-03 Thread Connor Doyle
You're right Sharma, it's dependent upon the framework. If your scheduler sets a unique ExecutorID for each TaskInfo, then the executor will not be re-used and you won't have to worry about resizing the executor's container to accomodate subsequent tasks. This might be a reasonable

Re: Proposal: shared Mesos framework hosting and registry

2014-12-01 Thread Connor Doyle
is a healthy way to proceed. Any input is very welcome. For example, if others think that what we have is a good starting point we could transfer ownership of the repository to the mesos organization on GitHub. Cheers, -- Connor Doyle On Nov 30, 2014, at 17:32, Dave

Re: Task Checkpointing with Mesos, Marathon and Docker containers

2014-11-25 Thread Connor Doyle
Hi Geoffroy, For the Marathon instances, in all released version of Marathon you must supply the --checkpoint flag to turn on task checkpointing for the framework. We've changed the default to true starting with the next release. There is a bug in Mesos where the FrameworkInfo does not get

Re: args for Docker run surrounded by quotes

2014-10-29 Thread Connor Doyle
Andrew, could you explain what you changed to make this work? Marathon doesn't expose a `shell` argument; it's set implicitly by using either `cmd` or `args` in the app JSON. `args` is what you want (sets shell to false) if you are using a Dockerfile with an ENTRYPOINT clause. `args` is an

Re: Docker odd behavior

2014-10-22 Thread Connor Doyle
Hi Eduardo, There is a known defect in Mesos that matches your description: A fix will be included in the next release. You see the killTask because the default

Re: Reconciliation Document

2014-10-16 Thread Connor Doyle
was ACKed, but the scheduler failed over before this information could be persisted. What task status (if any) does Mesos respond with? -- Connor Doyle On Oct 15, 2014, at 14:05, Benjamin Mahler wrote: Hi all, I've sent a review out for a document

Re: Mesos Docker design question

2014-10-15 Thread Connor Doyle
Andy, passing the sidekick container ID is one issue. But aside from that, if you have written a custom framework what's to stop you from waiting for a resource offer that accommodates both containers you want to schedule and then submitting two TaskInfos in the same call to

Re: Orphaned Docker containers in Mesos 0.20.1

2014-10-02 Thread Connor Doyle
It doesn't appear to be related to the registration timeout; based on the logs the time between task launch and kill was only about 4.3 seconds. -- Connor On Oct 2, 2014, at 14:24, Dick Davies wrote: One thing to check - have you upped

Re: Docker Example Mesos 0.20?

2014-08-27 Thread Connor Doyle
Hi Eran, that's correct. Mesos supports multiple containerizers now. The order they are listed is significant; as listed the Docker containerizer will pass on the TaskInfo if the ContainerInfo is not set or if the container type is not DOCKER. -- Connor On Aug 27, 2014, at 9:09, Eran

Re: Alternate HDFS Filesystems + Hadoop on Mesos

2014-08-24 Thread Connor Doyle
Also, fwiw I'm interested in rallying folks on a Tachyon Framework in the not-too-distant future, for anyone who is interested. Probably follow the spark model and try to push upstream. Hi Tim, late follow-up: The not-too distant future is here! Adam and I took a stab at a Tachyon

Re: Service Discovery with Marathon and HAProxy

2014-08-20 Thread Connor Doyle
Thanks for sharing Bart! Will definitely take this for a spin. -- Connor On Aug 19, 2014, at 8:09, Bart Spaans wrote: Hi everyone, I've just released a project that might be of interest to some of you. It can be used to automatically reload HAProxy