Re: Problem understanding broken-links.xml after making changes to site

2011-09-18 Thread David Crossley
lewis john mcgibbney wrote:
 Well I've sorted the first of the complaints regarding link message=No
 pipeline matched request: error:ext:wikierror:ext:wiki/link, this was a
 case of methdically going through the full site after running the Jetty
 webapp and checking all hyper-links.

I would try to find such an error by doing:
 svn diff  tmp
then look through the differences using grep or by eye,
looking for ext:wiki. The new link was probably not added
to site.xml configuration file.

Ah, i just now looked at the recent commit for site.xml r 1172043
and it seems that you removed the entry for external-refswiki.
So that would have caused the abovementioned error.


Re: Problem understanding broken-links.xml after making changes to site

2011-09-16 Thread lewis john mcgibbney
Hi guys,

A mistake by myself, it is apache-forrest-0.10-dev I am using to build the
site sorry.

An update... the 1st problem seems to be with the apache feather logo which
is defined in skinconf.xml as follows
  !-- group logo --
  group-descriptionApache Software Foundation/group-description

When I view my changes in the Jetty webapp the feather is not present on the
index.html page, therefore I suspect that this is why this issue is
occurring. Any ideas to sort this one out please?

I am still stumped as to the second error as the logging doesn't highlight
where is is coming.

Thanks for pointers if any.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:08 PM, lewis john mcgibbney wrote:

 Hi list,

 Using the most recent stable forrest release I made some changes to the
 Apache Nutch site (haven't committed them yet due to problems) but building
 our site code with 'forrest' fails with the following material in

   link message=The current document is unable to create an element of the
 requested type (namespace:, name:
   link message=No pipeline matched request:

 Is there any way to get more verbose messages? I've had a look through the
 files I edited and new ones I created and can seem to figure this one out

 Thank you very much for any suggestions.