Re: relative links in site.xml

2010-07-07 Thread Tim Williams
On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 2:53 AM, Wipf Markus wrote:

 There are external links because we have several sites on the same webserver. 
 So each
site is completely independent during generation time but not during runtime. 
That's why I
 try to use relative links to be able to deploy the pages on another location 
 (for another
 customer for example).

I wonder if you might have an XY problem[1] here?  Why don't you
include the links as normal and use cli-conf[2] to ignore them?

 But as I mentioned below Forrest treats link generation for html
 and pdf not in the same manner. That's my problem.

It would appear that Forrest behaves inconsistently only when this
feature is used in a way that's inconsistent with its intent.


[1] -
[2] -

Re: relative links in site.xml

2010-07-01 Thread Tim Williams
On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 8:36 AM, Wipf Markus wrote:

 Can anybody help me please to fix this problem.

 I'm trying to make the things more flexible by using relative links to
 external sites in site.xml:


    eplatformIntra href=../





 The reference to it looks like:

 a href=ext:asas_knowhow.pdf/a

 Running the site ant-task I get the following error:

  [java] * [40/9]    [3/31]    0.728s 37.8Kb  kt/training.html

  [java] * [41/8]    [0/0] 1.64s  52.3Kb  kt/training.pdf

  [java] X [0]
 ../services/training/workshops/as/as_knowhow.pdf BROKEN: No flow in

 The linkmap.xmap file defines for the 'linkmap' pipeline:  A linkmap is a
 map from abstract ('site:index') to

 physical ('../index.html') links for the current page.

 The compilation to html works fine, because the pipeline assumes another
 ../, which points exactly to the right place. But the pdf pipeline doesn't
 behave the same way. I don't understand this behavior.

 Is there any solution? Best regards. Markus

Hi Markus,
Is it really an *external* reference?  I haven't looked at this in a
while, but I can't recall seeing an example like yours where it's a
local (e.g. ../) and not building up on some full base url.
Hopefully someone else comes along soon, what version of forrest are
you using?  I'm not familiar with that particular fop error either