IgniteQueue.removeAll() throwing NPE

2019-08-14 Thread colinc
I am using IgniteQueue to store some POJOs in memory which are removed at a 15 minute interval after some processing. During the processing, elements are added and removed from the queue multiple times using removeAll() api. Below is my queue configuration - @Override public IgniteQueue

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Replace or Put after PutAsync causes Ignite to hang

2019-08-14 Thread e.llull
Hi guys, We are also facing a similar problem, if not the same. Our main difference with the initial reproducer is that we are using the Thick Client. We applied the suggested fix of setting the SynchronizationContext, but we also perform a GetAsync after the initial PutAsync. Also, I added a

Re: IgniteCache.destroy() taking long time

2019-08-14 Thread Denis Mekhanikov
Folks, Partition map exchange (PME) will actually happen in both cases: PARTITIONED and REPLICATED. We need to understand, which part of the destroy is the longest. If you enable INFO logs, then you’ll see messages about partition map exchange happening when you destroy caches. Check, whether

Re: Cache spreading to new nodes

2019-08-14 Thread Denis Mekhanikov
Marco, Rebalance mode set to NONE means that your cache won’t be rebalanced at all unless you trigger it manually. I think, it’s better not to set it, because otherwise if you don’t trigger the rebalance, then only one node will store the cache. Also the backup filter specified in the affinity

Re: IgniteCache.destroy() taking long time

2019-08-14 Thread Alexander Kor
Hi, Can you please share your cache configuration. How many nodes do you have in your cluster? If you are running in PARTITONED mode then some exchange of information will occur. More details here: https://apacheignite.readme.io/docs/cache-modes Do you have a reproducer project?