Mesos 1.3.1 Release

2017-07-24 Thread Michael Park
I'm planning to cut the 1.3.1 release on Friday July 28, 2017 and have voting start on the following Monday. Please let me know if you have any patches that you're working on, targeted for 1.3.1. If you have, or are planning to backport patches for 1.3.1, please make sure to update the CHANGELOG

Re: Format for attributes with no value

2017-07-24 Thread Jeff Kubina -- Jeff Kubina 410-988-4436 On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 9:03 AM, James Peach wrote: > > > On Jul 13, 2017, at 1:41 PM, Jeff Kubina wrote: > > > > I want to know the format for an empty attribute in the