Getting namespace info from a parsed XML file

2014-05-01 Thread jgagnon
I'm trying to figure out how to get the namespace information (the namespace(s) itself and the namespace prefix(es) that are applied to elements within the document) contained within an XML file after I have parsed it in XMLBeans. For example, consider the following XML snippet: ?xml version=1.0

Re: Dynamic generation of XML object hierarchy using schema

2014-05-06 Thread jgagnon
I assume that using the XmlCursor to build a document object hierarchy will not make any use of the schema generated API? -- View this message in context: Sent from the XMLBeans User

Difficulties with using XPath to find an element

2014-05-11 Thread jgagnon
I am programmatically generating an XML object hierarchy and then using what I produced as a template for other work. I make a copy of the template structure (using XmlObject.copy() at the root node) and then attempt to locate a specific node within the structure so that I can then edit the

How to get an XmlObject parent

2014-05-16 Thread jgagnon
I am writing an application that uses the XMLBeans API to generate XML instance documents. In a nutshell I am doing this by creating XmlObject instances and XmlCursors to make edits to the structure and content. Once the cursor has been placed properly, I insert/remove whatever I need (comments,

XmlCursor tutorial

2014-06-24 Thread jgagnon
Does anyone know of any tutorials about using the XMLBeans XmlCursor? I've looked at the little bit on the XMLBeans site, but that really doesn't cover much. I'm trying to figure out how to use it to construct a document (actually many documents - test cases) and it is anything but intuitive.

Validation issues

2014-07-16 Thread jgagnon
I have written an application that generates XML files that represent test cases for a collection of types defined by an XML schema. Some of these types contain elements that are abstract. The logic locates all concrete implementers of the abstract type and when an instance is generated,

Re: Validation issues

2014-07-21 Thread jgagnon
Sorry for the confusion. My application does not deal with the Java implementation of any of the schema types. It uses the information from the schema to determine test cases to generate and then uses the XMLBeans API (mainly XmlCursor) to create an XML instance. Once the instance is complete I