[libreoffice-users] Report Builder under 4.1

2013-08-05 Thread Heinrich Stoellinger
Hello, After changing the ownership of directory /opt/libreoffice4.1 to root:root as suggested in https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67388, desktop integration works for me under Debian-Wheezy. On the other hand, I tried to run a report that uses a MySQL view as a base and got the error

Re: [libreoffice-users] start up speed

2013-08-05 Thread Kracked_P_P---webmaster
For me, I do not use the Quickstart option. Their are some hassles with upgrading some extensions if that is on all the time. I find that without using that option, I have the package load up and usable for editing quickly enough for my needs. It is faster than many other packages I use.

Re: [libreoffice-users] Conflicts?

2013-08-05 Thread Tanstaafl
On 2013-08-04 6:28 PM, Virgil Arrington cuyfa...@hotmail.com wrote: To me, the AOO sidebar properties panel adds nothing. As you said, it only duplicates the top toolbar. More importantly (for me at least), the styles panel is buried *beneath* the properties panel. To be fair, it was a 'first

[libreoffice-users] Re: Conflicts?

2013-08-05 Thread V Stuart Foote
Personally I've experienced no conflicts in documents when moving from AOO to LO 4.0/4.1 or back. But then I am comfortable moving between releases and administrative installs for QA work. Regards the design goals of a Sidebar, some good documentation worth a read. Apache OpenOffice 4.0 release

[libreoffice-users] Subtotal Function in Calc Spreadsheet

2013-08-05 Thread Connie Price
Libre Office Users, I am a new user to Libre Office after many years on Excel. Have an issue that needs your help. The sum subtotal works properly, and so does the average subtotal. It's the count subtotal that does not calculate correctly. After loading 4.0.4 and renaming the user

Re: [libreoffice-users] Conflicts?

2013-08-05 Thread Tom Davies
Hi :) +1 I think this could become great.  A killer feature Regards from Tom :)  From: Tanstaafl tansta...@libertytrek.org To: users@global.libreoffice.org Sent: Monday, 5 August 2013, 15:32 Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Conflicts? On 2013-08-04

[libreoffice-users] Record Macros activate

2013-08-05 Thread Gersa Devoluciones
Hello Miss Keatting: To activate the engraver of macros in THE calc, to go to tools options Advanced LibreOffice and in Options of Java, to select to Activate recording of macros (limited) inside the remote unstable (Options) Greetings, Luís Alberto (Don Luis) ___

Re: [libreoffice-users] What's needed for reading and writing an excel o spreedsheet file from Java

2013-08-05 Thread Tim Deaton
What exactly are you trying to do? First, you're writing to the LibreOffice Users list, but you mention Apache. Are you using LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice? And which version? If it's Apache OpenOffice, you need their users list (us...@openoffice.apache.org). Or are you trying to use

Re: [libreoffice-users] start up speed

2013-08-05 Thread Virgil Arrington
On 08/05/2013 05:03 PM, Tom Davies wrote: Hi :) That is weird. On this fairly crumby laptop, 2.2GHz (hmmm, not so crumby after all) it took about 0-1 seconds for the LO splash-screen to appear. Same on my really nice desktop, 1.86GHz (hmmm, not so nice after all!). Both running Ubuntu and