[libreoffice-users] Re: insert non-breaking semi-space

2019-06-15 Thread V Stuart Foote
Luuk wrote > Why did this option not get a 'reserverd place in the menu' ? together > with the shortcut-key reference ( > > +X) ? > > An option like > > +C is only known to all people (more than 75 % ??), > because the shortcut key is next to it in the menu! Hmm, interesting question. The

[libreoffice-users] Re: insert non-breaking semi-space

2019-06-15 Thread V Stuart Foote
Eric Beversluis wrote > Thanks. Looks like I want to use “thin space” Hex 200A. Is there an easy > way to do that from the keyboard? None of the ways I’ve used on Linux or > Windows seem to work. > > Eric Beversluis Johnny Rosenberg wrote >

[libreoffice-users] Re: compose characters

2019-05-14 Thread V Stuart Foote
Thomas Blasejewicz-3 wrote > ... > All I ever get is a diacritical mark either left or right from the M. > I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. > ... It is not you, each font sets metrics for positioning the combining diacritics--many get it wrong. For example

[libreoffice-users] Re: Interesting problem opening files in Libreoffice 6.2

2019-05-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
Musical Neptunian wrote > ... > So I opened up Libreoffice writer in Safe Mode. Then I dragged my docx > file > into it. Then it opens in Libreoffice and allows me to change textboxes. I > am not sure though if this is a good outcome. Because the format is > slightly different; the page reads

Re: [libreoffice-users] Re: autotext? question.

2019-04-16 Thread V Stuart Foote
;FN"+ autotext? From: Thomas Blasejewicz Sent: Monday, April 15, 2019 11:23 PM To: V Stuart Foote Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Re: autotext? question. Thank you. I just found that entry. FN+F3 is fine by me, but how do I get rid of "formula"+enter. I could not (yet) fin

[libreoffice-users] Re: autotext? question.

2019-04-15 Thread V Stuart Foote
That is the "Formula Numbering" standard autotext--shortcut is "FN". Enter the shortcut, then apply the autotext with And, to review all the established entries, standard, template and any custom set in profile, Open the AutoTtext dialog with +F3. -- Sent from:

[libreoffice-users] Re: how to reformat this?

2019-04-12 Thread V Stuart Foote
If you toggle the Formatting Marks on, with +F10, you will see that each line is actually a paragraph. You need to collapse the multiple lines into single lines with the Find & Replace dialog. But before that you'll want to mark the actual paragraph endings with a unique text sequence. You'll

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: [libreoffice-users] Buttons/Icons missing from the form Formatting Toolbar.

2019-03-25 Thread V Stuart Foote
Believe display of the LTR and RTL toolbar buttons are dependent on the Language settings. Support for CTL (language can be none) must be checked enabled (Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages). Then restart Calc. From: Dave Barton Sent:

[libreoffice-users] Re: Draw changes font when opening pdf text file.

2019-03-18 Thread V Stuart Foote
The pdfimport was brought in from the Sun/Oracle extension. It was never intended to provide PDF editing, nor does it! So, please keep in mind that LibreOffice is not a PDF editor. Otherwise, this is a known limitation of our pdfimport draw object filter: see tdf#101220

[libreoffice-users] Re: Preparing a Manuscript

2019-02-17 Thread V Stuart Foote
Set up a template document holding the styles you need to apply to the various pieces of your manuscript. Then adjusting one of the styles can be modified and applied to the entire manuscript. See the Byfield book -- http://designingwithlibreoffice.com it is pretty comprehensive, and you'll get

[libreoffice-users] Re: Force documents to open with my default font color

2019-02-11 Thread V Stuart Foote
Simply done from Tools -> Options -> Application Colors Change the "Font Color" swatch from Automatic to the color you prefer. You can pick the preexisting palette or use the Custom color dialog. Choice will be written to your LO user profile. -- Sent from:

[libreoffice-users] Re: I need some comments on this color palette extension

2019-02-09 Thread V Stuart Foote
Tim, * krackedpress wrote > ... > Thanks.  Look at the "tonal" palette that came with the current > version.  Those empty spaces look weird, and reads weird when you mouse > over them. > ... No that is intentional, result of work on tdf#80196

[libreoffice-users] Re: I need some comments on this color palette extension

2019-02-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
krackedpress wrote > I did not know you could split the listed colors so it makes a space > between the end of the LO colors and the start of the Resene colors.  > ... > > So how do you add the "extra lines"? > > ... Any 'text' editor, e.g. gvim or notepad++ on Windows, and insert a return. Be

[libreoffice-users] Re: I need some comments on this color palette extension

2019-02-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
krackedpress wrote > I finally looked into creating the OXT file[s] for my color palettes SOC > files. > > I would like some users to install it and see if it works with your > systems. > > ... Hi Tim, Testing on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit en-US with Version: (x64) Build ID:

[libreoffice-users] Re: How to actually find something with Find in Calc?

2018-12-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
Knew this had come up, with open BZ issues to correct: tdf#102506 ... add Expert configuration option to set search for cell Values in stead of Formulas tdf#102615 ...

[libreoffice-users] Re: How to actually find something with Find in Calc?

2018-12-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
V Stuart Foote wrote > Hmm, that's weird because it works on Windows builds ( and current > 6.3.0 master)--finding against values, not formulas--when "Formatted > Display" is checked enabled. > > OS dependent somehow? Bah, never-mind. Once I plugged in som

[libreoffice-users] Re: How to actually find something with Find in Calc?

2018-12-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
drew-gmail wrote > Well, just to be clear - tried this with the example spreadsheet here with > version 6.0.7 and 5.4.7 and using FIND does not do what the original > poster > is looking for. It seems the only way to find all of those values is by > using FIND & REPLACE. > > Now I'm not sure what

[libreoffice-users] Re: How to actually find something with Find in Calc?

2018-12-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
@Johnny, Unless I am really misunderstanding, the "Formatted Display" check box will shift search results to match against the *values* as formatted to cell. A generalized implementation of the Find & Replace dialog's "Search in" listbox selection. Should give you your find results via the

[libreoffice-users] Re: edit autocorrection options

2018-12-23 Thread V Stuart Foote
The correction in the Replace table is ".*(C)" replaced with "©" Meaning just an upper case (C) and not a lower case (c) will trigger the replacement. As noted simply delete the replacement stanza to remove the behavior. Recreate it (or modify as needed) to restore. -- Sent from:

[libreoffice-users] Re: Adding keyboard shortcut

2018-12-09 Thread V Stuart Foote
Rich Shepard wrote >> The *delete* you want is assigned in LibreOffice via the "Backspace" >> function, aka a *rubout*. > >Not quite. The backspace key deletes the character to the left of the > cursor's position while the Del key deletes the character to the right of > the cursor's position.

[libreoffice-users] Re: Adding keyboard shortcut

2018-12-06 Thread V Stuart Foote
Rich Shepard wrote > I want to add the Delete action to ctrl-d, preferably in all components > but most importantly in Writer. When I use Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard > there is no 'delete' action available to assign to ctrl-d. There are > abundant > delete- > > actions, but not the same

[libreoffice-users] Re: insert unicode char in writer

2018-10-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
Brian Barker wrote > ... If your characters are sufficiently > unusual, it is just possible that any receiving system may not have a > font that includes them. This is where PDFs come in, since they are > different, incorporating subsets of required fonts. That's one of the > facets that makes

[libreoffice-users] Re: insert special characters

2018-08-22 Thread V Stuart Foote
Thomas Blasejewicz-3 wrote >> Is that Alt+I, P? > It is Alt+P. > Since I do not recall having set this shortcut key, I believe it is the > default setting. No, it is not a default "Short-cut" and never has been, rather it is an algorithm assigned "accelerator" generated for the Insert menu--it

[libreoffice-users] Re: Screen Readers and File Formats (was: How many of you deal with the Linux Users Group [Facebook]?)

2018-05-16 Thread V Stuart Foote
zahra a wrote > hi. > can someone please tell me that how can i use entire document in > libreoffice? > i wish that hear all of my documents, not only one line or one > paragraph and use keyboard to continue reading. > i use nvda screen reader on windows xp. You can not and that is a well know

[libreoffice-users] Re: Call for testers - automatic migration of embedded hsqldb Base files to embedded Firebird Base files

2018-04-13 Thread V Stuart Foote
Alex Thurgood wrote > If the back-out is complete, i.e. master has returned to the previous > status quo, this is unfortunate for those of us who would like to test > whether the migration works and report those issues to bugzilla... The back-out is not complete--and LO base is actually broken

[libreoffice-users] Re: Call for testers - automatic migration of embedded hsqldb Base files to embedded Firebird Base files

2018-04-12 Thread V Stuart Foote
Italo Vignoli-5 wrote > ... > > So, any "radical" deprecation of features should be evaluated not only > in technical terms, but also in marketing/communication terms. We cannot > get rid of a feature without giving users a reasonable amount of time to > migrate their data (and the fact that they

[libreoffice-users] Re: Software Exception error on Windows 7 with Libreoffice 6.0.2

2018-03-02 Thread V Stuart Foote
Tanstaafl wrote > ... > The only option currently is to not run the Quickstarter. I'm wondering > now just how much faster it allows Libreoffice to start and if it worth > it to continue enabling it at all. Not only not worth enabling, but best to perform a custom installation and to not install

[libreoffice-users] Re: Writer: how to disable table's tool tips

2018-02-09 Thread V Stuart Foote
Just hit to immediately dismiss the tool-tip. Otherwise the tip will appear for 4 seconds. We used to be able to control how long to wait (with mouse over action) before displaying the tool-tip, but that looks a little muddled now in source, and seems to default to 1 second. And for

[libreoffice-users] Re: Version 6 and Support for Windows XP

2018-01-24 Thread V Stuart Foote
cpgeevan wrote > Earlier, I recall reading that from Version 6, there will be no support > for > the Windows XP (deprecated by Microsoft). However, the release notes for > V-6 > seems to imply that LibreOffice 6 can be installed on Windows-XP. Is that > correct? No, the Windows MSI installer will

[libreoffice-users] Re: Fixing 5.0 appearance

2017-12-23 Thread V Stuart Foote
Dave Barton-3 wrote > On 22.12.2017 03:07, Virgil Arrington wrote: > ... > Even better if the day ever comes when we can have styles list undocked > from the sidebar, in the same way as Navigator. That is tdf#85905 /Allow undocking of

[libreoffice-users] Re: Fixing 5.0 appearance

2017-12-21 Thread V Stuart Foote
There was never a "Styles" toolbar--just the "Formatting" toolbar which remains and can be undocked and floating. The "Styles and Formatting" dialog has been pinned into the Sidebar deck where it is one of numerous content panels accessed via a Tab Bar. The Sidebar deck can be undocked and

Re: [libreoffice-users] Why are the people who answer users' questions are not getting counted?

2017-12-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
Mike, this is all yours ;-) Stuart From: Tim-L Sent: Friday, December 8, 2017 9:56 AM To: LibreO - Users Global Subject: [libreoffice-users] Why are the people who answer users' questions are not getting counted? On the

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Office 5.4

2017-11-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
You don't mention the OS or desktop you are working with. But if you are on Windows, open the Task Manager -> Details and "end process tree" for each instance of "soffice.bin". If that does not clear--then repeat and use the Help -> "Restart in Safe mode" dialog to clear your user profile (or do

[libreoffice-users] Re: ">Tools >Options >LivreOffice >Advanced >Open Expert Configuration

2017-11-02 Thread V Stuart Foote
Toki wrote > ... is there anything that describes: > # the configuration options; > # what that option does; > # acceptable values for the option; > # the effect of each acceptable value; > > For each item listed at ">Tools >Options >LibreOffice >Advanced >Open > Expert Configuration" > > If so,

[libreoffice-users] Re: automatic fractions

2017-10-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
The "conversion" is done in the AutoCorrect. From Tools -> AutoCorrect -> AutoCorrect Options you can disable, or modify the replacement table to add the additional franctional forms, or remove them all. Play with it a bit, several ways to adjust. A profile reset will restore defaults. --

[libreoffice-users] Re: Install of 5.4.1 causes disappearance of text in LO Writer files

2017-09-27 Thread V Stuart Foote
LibreOffice Windows builds have ongoing issue with the change at LibreOffice 5.3 to more DirectWrite and Direct2D based font rendering. tdf#112486 . You can drop back to 5.2.7 if functional for you. Otherwise believe the issue you are

[libreoffice-users] Re: No icons in 5.4.1?

2017-09-18 Thread V Stuart Foote
Likely bug tdf#108406 It has been corrected, but for now you'll need to select a different icon theme from Tools -> Options -> View: Icon style drop list. The Helpimg icon set is part of the help system and not a full icon set.

[libreoffice-users] Re: the size has almost doubled

2017-09-12 Thread V Stuart Foote
TB24 for Android ARM build... http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/master/Android-ARM@24-Bytemark-Hosting/ Hmm, so builds through 2017-08-31 < 65MB, after 2017-09-01 > 124MB Nothing jumped out in looking at the build logs. But then, they are debug builds Tor, Kendy? -- Sent from:

[libreoffice-users] Re: ZoomText screenreader problem

2017-09-11 Thread V Stuart Foote
Both OpenOffice 4.1 and LibreOffice 4.3 onward expose accessible events in IAccessible2 based assistive technology. OpenOffice at ia2 1.2 and LibreOffice at ia2 1.3, neither implements MS UIA so depending on reading support of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader for IAccessible2 you may have minimal

[libreoffice-users] Re: Underlinng? easy. How do I overline?

2017-09-07 Thread V Stuart Foote
DavidBTeagueAt Comporium.net wrote > Underlining is a common task in LO, and it is easy. Control U. But I > need to overline (also called overscore or overbar), some text, in my > case digits. Overlining is common in scientific fields, and I use it to > indicate a shift, a motion of the hand,

[libreoffice-users] Re: Writer-Web editing - "a:hover" style removed on saving

2017-08-22 Thread V Stuart Foote
Tim, Have a look at BlueFish editor project, I've found it to be a solid replacement for Nvu/Kompozer http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html Stuart -- View this message in context:

[libreoffice-users] Re: libreoffice display issue

2017-08-21 Thread V Stuart Foote
A know issue of refactoring line height calculations [1] for tdf#55469. Open in BZ as tdf#106111 and related tdf#107249 and tdf#108891

[libreoffice-users] Re: Font rendering

2017-08-14 Thread V Stuart Foote
They should be stable now--our calculation of line heights for Windows builds was changed to bring it in line with Linux and MacOS with tdf#55469 for the 5.3.0 release. There is some potential this may still need to be tweaked but I

[libreoffice-users] Re: help note icons broken

2017-08-02 Thread V Stuart Foote
Confirmed but just -> The 5.3.4 and earlier builds placed the helpimg into the share/config .zip /res directory And, at the directory is present in the share/config/images_helpimg.zip /media/helpimg where it is supposed to be for the rework of the off-line help system.

[libreoffice-users] Re: Releases

2017-07-27 Thread V Stuart Foote
krackedpress wrote > "Master Branch"? > This is the first time I heard of a master branch. I know of "still", > "fresh", and "developer's" versions, but not "master". Master is the current development git code base at each branch corresponding to a release cycle the source tree is

[libreoffice-users] Re: Releases

2017-07-27 Thread V Stuart Foote
krackedpress wrote > ... > > It would be nice to have the "still" description and link above that of > the "fresh" download and description. That way, the "suitable for all > users" version is the first choice and the "recommended for technology > enthusiasts" listing would be second. To me,

[libreoffice-users] Re: Unwanted Alternative Image Names

2017-07-27 Thread V Stuart Foote
There is another facet of this that is not being considered. Accessible documents. That is for accessibility and support of Assistive Technology tools we are required to provide the Alternate text and titles. Believe the default filters (import and export) are configured to facilitate that.

[libreoffice-users] Re: Releases

2017-07-26 Thread V Stuart Foote
krackedpress wrote > ... > Nowhere does it say what the 5.2.7 version is. > ... > > CAN this be changed? It remains in the release notes as indicated and reads: "The mature "still" version of LibreOffice, recommended for enterprises. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users.

[libreoffice-users] Re: Releases

2017-07-26 Thread V Stuart Foote
All releases are "stable". 5.3.4 is the latest "Fresh" release, to be followed with 5.3.5 which is in pre-release. 5.2.7 is the latest "Still" release, when 5.4.0 is released the 5.2 branch will be EOL for active project development. 5.4.0 will become the "Fresh" release and 5.3.5 will become

[libreoffice-users] Re: installing 64 bit Libreoffice

2017-07-23 Thread V Stuart Foote
DavidBTeagueAt Comporium.net wrote > ... > My question is, was it necessary to remove the 32 bit version? I found > no cautions about upgrading a 32 bit version with a 64 bit version in > the notes. > ... You did it correctly. Even though the install on 64-bit Windows will go to different

[libreoffice-users] Re: How to reverse a date format

2017-07-17 Thread V Stuart Foote
Wade Smart wrote > This spread sheet has several columns of dates > written MM/DD/. I need to reverse it to > /MM/DD... You can not change the internal format of the dates. If they are columns of Dates in an ODF spreadsheet they do not need to be changed--actually can not be

[libreoffice-users] Re: Input required -- font selection in the Math component

2017-05-26 Thread V Stuart Foote
John Pye wrote >>> * Did you notice that the default for LibreOffice is now to have >>>lower-case Greek letters in non-italics, even though basically every >>>academic publication you'll ever see has lower-case greek letters in >>>italics, and this can only be changed to 'normal'

[libreoffice-users] Re: [Enhancement] writer: Footnote / Endnote Styles according to standards

2017-05-24 Thread V Stuart Foote
Johnathan, toki wrote > On 05/24/2017 02:42 PM, V Stuart Foote w > >> Sorry, but the simple truth is that developing and maintaining just a few >> of >> the diverse range of defined styles is out of scope for LibreOffice > > A Citation Style Language aware exten

[libreoffice-users] Re: [Enhancement] writer: Footnote / Endnote Styles according to standards

2017-05-24 Thread V Stuart Foote
Ramon, * RamonTavarez wrote > ... we would be enhancing the LibreOffice capabilities, ... > > About the extension: What does not attract me it is that the extension > compels me to use another software out of LibO, and I believe that LibO is > too good to need a third party to carry out a task

[libreoffice-users] Re: [Enhancement] writer: Footnote / Endnote Styles according to standards

2017-05-23 Thread V Stuart Foote
Ramon, * Using the existing Bibliography sample data base provides considerable function already, based on Harvard style as I understand. https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/2/23/WG4212-TOCsIndexesBiblios.pdf https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Referencing_Systems_in_LibreOffice And

[libreoffice-users] Re: Impress can't handle eps images

2017-05-23 Thread V Stuart Foote
Understand the appeal for not having to convert, but until a built-in LibreOffice implementation-- tdf#67464 --not dependent on Ghostscript, ImageMagick, or pstoedit external packages is tackled--its conversion or lousy quality. But for

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Writer - special characters

2017-05-07 Thread V Stuart Foote
Dave-3 wrote > That's interesting. If I try every possible combination of this method > with Writer under Win 7, all I get is a lower case x. It this something > peculiar to Linux or OSX? Added for the 5.1.0 release. It works with all OS, see tdf#73691

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Writer - special characters

2017-05-06 Thread V Stuart Foote
Input the character via its Unicode value, and toggle. So, here enter "U+211e" and then use +X to toggle. A +X anywhere in a document will show the Unicode value for that character. Of the fonts installed with LibreOffice, just DejaVu Sans includes the ℞ (U+211E - Prescription Take) glyph. In

[libreoffice-users] Re: autocorrect strikethrough with dashes

2017-05-01 Thread V Stuart Foote
Cor Nouws wrote > ... > For exmaple type > this is a -test with two dashes- > Immediately after the second dash the text 'test with two dashes' will > be strikethrough. > > This behaviour doesn't change with disabling Tools > AutoCorrect > > AutoCorrect Options > Options .. Replace Dashes. > It

[libreoffice-users] Stability with high number of installed fonts -- tdf#106265

2017-04-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
Hey folks, Need a little QA help with TDF bugzilla issue 106265 -- Scrolling font list with previews enabled makes LO crash Need testing on Windows systems with a high count of installed fonts (>1800 active) and to then catch WinDbg

Re: [libreoffice-users] problem with Inserting Iranian date

2017-03-27 Thread V Stuart Foote
Muhamad, * I could not find an open BZ issue for this, but while we support an fa_IR locale, I don't think we actually provide a calendar format for Jalali, and Farsi users entering dates receive fall back handling as Gregorian. Refs from OOo era. Eike? Laurent? =-ref-=

[libreoffice-users] Re: Wanted: KB shortcut to Calc Name Box

2017-03-17 Thread V Stuart Foote
It already exists: +F5 or +T But if you want to use the F3 key it is available to be assigned from the Customize dialog, Keyboard tab Category -- Application Function -- Sheet Area Input Field -- View this message in context:

[libreoffice-users] Re: Squished-together characters in Impress after migration

2017-02-28 Thread V Stuart Foote
This is a know issue [1] with our DirectWrite/Direct2D font rendering on Windows using the new HarfBuzz based common layout when OpenGL rendering is enabled. As a workaround, disable OpenGL rendering to revert to GDI+ rendered HarfBuzz layout that is not affected. Tools -> Options -View: and

[libreoffice-users] Re: Shortage of Fonts in LibreOffice

2017-02-28 Thread V Stuart Foote
A. den Oudsten wrote > ... > Is there an argument for the decision to drop Type1. I use them in > LibreOffice since it exists. Several, but at its core PS Type 1 fonts have been on borrowed time since TrueType and OpenType were implemented. Users should have replaced or converted their fonts.

[libreoffice-users] Re: Missing function

2017-02-13 Thread V Stuart Foote
Daniel Devor wrote > The LO instructions refer to "insert-file" but I cannot find any such > in my copy of LO. Please advise how to run this function since my need > is to do just that--insert or add a file to another. LO 5.3.03 Depending on your needs, in addition to the Insert -> Document

[libreoffice-users] Re: in response ...

2017-01-31 Thread V Stuart Foote
Anne, anne-ology wrote >Just one point which you - & others - seem to be unaware: if I had > merely accepted this 2-day old message then it could have been even longer > before the questioner received a reply. Granted some of you may spend all > your time on the computer, but I'm in

[libreoffice-users] Re: Fill Series

2017-01-22 Thread V Stuart Foote
Two major issues with the build on Windows: Crash when exiting Writer after copying to clipboard https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104830 [Windows] Failure to populate system font list https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105015 Steps to reproduce in the

[libreoffice-users] Re: Fill Series

2017-01-12 Thread V Stuart Foote
Eric Beversluis wrote > "Sheet" is not in my top menu. Is there some way I can add it? Sure, from Tools -> Customize and add a New menu named "Sheets". Then add the commands you'd like it to have. Believe what you are looking for is in the Edit -> Fill menu at that release. Note that for the 4.4

[libreoffice-users] Re: Another LO anti-feature

2016-12-21 Thread V Stuart Foote
For 5.2.4 search/replace will not show more that 1000 results to resolve tdf#92160 =-ref-= https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?h=libreoffice-5-2=1a093a2c06c30c17e483614e36a75907e7d0991f

[libreoffice-users] Re: Full Path in Title Bar

2016-12-02 Thread V Stuart Foote
arakish wrote > Is there a way to make LibreOffice display the file's full path in the > title bar? No, the project intentionally keeps the OS and its Desktop Environment unencumbered--and we let the OS and DE do their thing. On Windows that means we keep the MS Windows Standard Frame and do

[libreoffice-users] Re: Spellchecker/Dictionary Functions not working

2016-12-02 Thread V Stuart Foote
arakish wrote > Another couple of questions. > > Why is not that specific dictionary automatically checked? > > I found I had to check it. Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Writing Aids: User-definded dictionaries Standard (all) With a default new user profile it is empty and unused

[libreoffice-users] Re: hidden tables in LibreOffice?

2016-12-01 Thread V Stuart Foote
hsikkema wrote > I am wondering if it is possible to make a hidden table in LibreOffice > Writer (I can make hidden characters but I'd like to make hidden tables) > ... if not could that be made a reality? > > [I use hidden text/information in my documents because I am a teacher and > in a test

[libreoffice-users] Re: Line spacing changed.

2016-11-24 Thread V Stuart Foote
Issue is also open on the BZ tracker as tdf#104135 -- View this message in context: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Line-spacing-changed-tp4200592p4200908.html Sent from the Users mailing list archive at Nabble.com. -- To

[libreoffice-users] Re: Can't enter 12:12:52 in calc cell

2016-11-14 Thread V Stuart Foote
This was a known issue tdf#97191 introduced with support for emoji. The :10:, :11:, and :12: text sequence would convert to their Unicode clock-face glyph: U+1F559 CLOCK FACE TEN OCLOCK --  U+1F55A CLOCK FACE ELEVEN OCLOCK -- 

[libreoffice-users] Re: Degree symbol in Math

2016-11-07 Thread V Stuart Foote
From LibreOffice 5.1 simply use the Unicode codepoint toggle in the edit window of the Math formula editor. To obtain any Unicode codepoint in the default font, Liberation Serif for text, enter the code point and with cursor after the last character toggle to display the glyph with +x. E.g. for

[libreoffice-users] Re: libreoffice developers please answer my question about security!

2016-10-18 Thread V Stuart Foote
Rob wrote > I am still using LibreOffice since LO makes it impossible for me > to upgrade in my OS (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5). > My iMac 24", although old, functions very well, but Apple thinks that my > HW is to old to update the OS to a newer version. Since LO decided to go > with new

[libreoffice-users] Re: libreoffice developers please answer my question about security!

2016-10-18 Thread V Stuart Foote
@Nasrin, * LibreOffice is released essentially each month. More so than other projects, you can be assured that published security issues are resolved in a timely fashion. We don't make a big deal of announcing it because it is routine for this project. Here is a small sample of the security

[libreoffice-users] Re: Trial of LibreOffice

2016-10-04 Thread V Stuart Foote
James Knott wrote > Neither of them currently uses soffice. LibreOffice uses libreoffice > and OpenOffice uses openoffice4. Sorry, Dave is correct. Those actually are names of the AppData folders holding the user profile, both programs on Windows builds use a mixed--soffice.exe launcher and

[libreoffice-users] Re: F-Droid

2016-10-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
James E. Lang wrote > What is the current version of the Android LibreOffice Viewer? I'm certain > it's nothing resembling the current version of LO on computers. How much > of a link is there between the two projects? The Android based viewer is built from current development master. A nightly

[libreoffice-users] Re: Trial of LibreOffice

2016-09-30 Thread V Stuart Foote
TomD wrote > There is no harm in having both LibreOffice and OpenOffice installed > alongside each other. > ... Actually they do not get along all that well, but will coexist if you perform a custom installation and disable the "Quick Starter" feature from in the Optional Components section

[libreoffice-users] Re: limited undo.

2016-09-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
m.a.riosv wrote > Since 5.1 undo step are available only into the expert configuration > Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Advanced - TOpen expert configuration. > Verify if steps value is enough, default value is 100. And be aware

[libreoffice-users] Re: highlight color won't change

2016-08-29 Thread V Stuart Foote
Armin, I think it is sorted for OP by using an ODF document. But you might have a read of http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Discussion-about-highlighting-MS-compatibility-issue-tt4139399.html#none and the linked BZ issues to see comment(s) from Tamás on dealing with round trips to OOXML

Re: [libreoffice-users] highlight color won't change

2016-08-28 Thread V Stuart Foote
When you save what format? If to .docx it won't survive round-trip filtering. It should be correct if you save to ODF Text .odt format. Which is it? From: PegM4 Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 6:53 AM To: users@global.libreoffice.org Subject:

[libreoffice-users] Re: Where is the LibreOffice.org gpg public key?

2016-08-07 Thread V Stuart Foote
Girvin, gpg2 --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys AFEEAEA3 C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG>.\gpg2.exe --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys AFEEAEA3 gpg: requesting key AFEEAEA3 from hkp server keys.gnupg.net gpg: key AFEEAEA3: public key "LibreOffice Build Team (CODE SIGNING

[libreoffice-users] Re: Where is the LibreOffice.org gpg public key?

2016-08-06 Thread V Stuart Foote
The MirrorBrain meta page for each build has a link to the GPG public signature, as well as MD5, SHA1, SHA256 HASH This as applied to http://downloadarchive.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/old/ This is the link to the meta page

[libreoffice-users] Re: where does LO 5.x config files?

2016-08-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
germane notes from one more earlier ESC meeting... http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/minutes-of-ESC-call-td4142383.html -- View this message in context: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/where-does-LO-5-x-config-files-tp4190051p4190061.html Sent from the Users mailing list archive at

[libreoffice-users] Re: where does LO 5.x config files?

2016-08-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
No, the /4 path was retained because there was no real reason to change the path, and some good technical reasons for compatibility with exiting user profile and extensions. There were quite a few issues affecting UX during migration from LibreOffice 3.x to 4.x and the impact on extensions. The

[libreoffice-users] Re: Changing program icons

2016-07-31 Thread V Stuart Foote
Use the main menu Tools -> Options -> View and the "Icon style" drop down list to select. -- View this message in context: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Changing-program-icons-tp4189773p4189780.html Sent from the Users mailing list archive at Nabble.com. -- To unsubscribe e-mail to:

[libreoffice-users] Re: Set page size in LO Impress?

2016-07-28 Thread V Stuart Foote
In an Impress session (start a new one and copy from initial attempts). 1. Set your slide Layout to blank. 2. Point to the Slide and open its Context menu 3. Select the Page Properties dialog 4. Set the Paper format Width and Height as needed -- the Format field will change to "User" 5. Set

[libreoffice-users] Re: Crashing with version 5.4.1

2016-07-26 Thread V Stuart Foote
@Stephen Well as 5.4.1 won't be spun for another 12 to 15 months, we'll assume you meant 5.1.4, but the issue described has not been reported that I am aware of. My first suggestion would be to clear your user profile, and test again with a rebuilt default.

Re: [libreoffice-users] Where is everyone?

2016-07-22 Thread V Stuart Foote
Grivin, Still the right place, just not much activity. Of course you can always follow along, or query old activity for this and other project ML via our Nabble archive. http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Users-f1639498.html Stuart From: Girvin Herr

[libreoffice-users] Re: Using unicode fully in LibreOffice

2016-07-14 Thread V Stuart Foote
Sigh, this really has no place on the User list. This is clearly a Design and implementation issue and UX issue. However, for the benefit of Users who don't understand this claim that LibreOffice does not support Unicode, we'll humor the OP. For starters, essentially all font handling on

[libreoffice-users] Re: Using unicode fully in LibreOffice

2016-07-13 Thread V Stuart Foote
No, No, No! Wrong ML, this belongs on Design and UX-Advise. Otherwise, your proposed handling of Unicode is totally out of scope for the project, and frankly is ill-conceived. But, with "then plan drawn up... and perfected" if your coding skills are of equal quality (or you have deep pockets to

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Draw - Re-arragen Slides

2016-07-10 Thread V Stuart Foote
@Charles, charles meyer wrote > I'm sorry but I'm under a short deadline. > > I read that once you open a pdf in Lbre Draw you can rearrange the > pages in the pdf (slides in Draw) by clicking View and Slide Sorter, > select one or more slides, and then drag the slides to another > location. >

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Writer - back to single page

2016-07-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
cursor position, so likely on left margin. But, please post these use questions to the User group ML. Stuart From: charles meyer Sent: Friday, July 8, 2016 4:31 PM To: V Stuart Foote Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] Libre Writer - back to single page

[libreoffice-users] Re: Libre Writer - back to single page

2016-07-08 Thread V Stuart Foote
Charles, Might be easiest to reset your user profile to get back to default configuration. Otherwise, these steps... 1. Open a Writer document. 2. On main menu, be sure View -> Status bar is checked active 3. Status bar then runs across bottom of the Application frame holding LibreOffice 4.

[libreoffice-users] Re: about libreoffice fonts and persian and arabic diacritics.

2016-07-05 Thread V Stuart Foote
Frank, I don't think Nasrin is going to be offended. She is active on NVDA ML and our LibreOffice Accessibility ML and our Bugzilla. Seems reasonably thick skinned... I would note though that she is one of our remaining Windows XP users and that she is dependent on screen reader support and so

[libreoffice-users] RE: A toolbar option that makes it easier to type using unicode

2016-07-04 Thread V Stuart Foote
Frank, * CVAlkan wrote > I, for one, am totally opposed to any perpetuation of this absurd > distinction between "typing" and "unicode" as it only perpetuates the > silly idea that somehow western character sets are "normal" and other > scripts are "complex text". Are Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew,

[libreoffice-users] Re: Alt Key

2016-07-03 Thread V Stuart Foote
@Bruce, * Bruce Hohl wrote > On Linux pressing and holding the Alt key "activates" text menu (File, > Edit, View, etc). On Windows pressing then releasing the Alt key "actives" > the text menu. Does anyone know how to get Linux to behave like Windows > for > the Alt key or vice versa?

[libreoffice-users] Re: change user interface

2016-06-29 Thread V Stuart Foote
Bruce Hohl wrote > "... current user interface look like old office 2003.I need to change > the > look like office 2007 or higher." > > Firstly, quite a few people do *not* prefer the 'Ribbon' menu system > introduced with MSO 2007. Google Docs features tool bars of icons but I > doubt anyone

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