Re: [OMPI users] local rank to rank comms

2019-03-20 Thread Michael Di Domenico
unfortunately it takes a while to export the data, but here's what i see On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:02 PM Gilles Gouaillardet wrote: > > Michael, > > > this is odd, I will have a look. > > Can you confirm you are running on a single node ? > > > At first, you need to understand which component

[OMPI users] Are there any issues (performance or otherwise) building apps with different compiler from the one used to build openmpi?

2019-03-20 Thread Daniel Letai
Hello, Assuming I have installed openmpi built with distro stock gcc(4.4.7 on rhel 6.5), but an app requires a different gcc version (8.2 manually built on dev machine). Would there be any issues, or performance penalty, if building the app