Re: [OMPI users] job fails with "Signal: Bus error (7)"

2009-10-03 Thread Jeff Squyres
Bus error usually means that there was an invalid address passed as a pointer somewhere in the code -- it's not usually a communications error. Without more information, it's rather difficult to speculate on what happened here. Did you get corefiles? If so, are there useful backtraces

[OMPI users] job fails with "Signal: Bus error (7)"

2009-10-01 Thread Sangamesh B
Hi, A fortran application which is compiled with ifort-10.1 and open mpi 1.3.1 on Cent OS 5.2 fails after running 4 days with following error message: [compute-0-7:25430] *** Process received signal *** [compute-0-7:25433] *** Process received signal *** [compute-0-7:25433] Signal: Bus