[strongSwan] Handling of outgoing packets when CHILD_SA is rekeyed

2009-09-01 Thread vivek bairathi
Hi, When a CHILD_SA is rekeyed, there is a time when SAD will have two SA entries corresponding to the CHILD_SA that is rekeyed. In other words this is the time, when stack has received a correct response to CREATE_CHILD_SA Request and hence has installed the new SA in SAD, however it has yet

[strongSwan] IPv4 only and minimal kernel modules

2009-09-01 Thread Dimitrios Siganos
Hi, The webpage http://wiki.strongswan.org/wiki/1/KernelModules states that the following kernel modules are required for strongswan operation: Networking --- Networking options --- Transformation user configuration interface PF_KEY sockets TCP/IP networking IP: advanced

[strongSwan] Problems with Charon

2009-09-01 Thread ServerAlex
I've got a host-to-host connection that should be kept alive 24/7. machine 1: config setup plutostart=no # IKEv1 charonstart=yes # IKEv2 nat_traversal=no # Add connections here. # Sample VPN connections conn %default ikelifetime=60m

Re: [strongSwan] Problems with Charon

2009-09-01 Thread Andreas Steffen
Hi, are you running strongSwan on CentOS or RedHat? There is an issue with these Linux kernels where IPsec policies get deleted when they are queried e.g. by ipsec statusall or DPD. I think this kernel bug was fixed recently by RedHat. Best regards Andreas ServerAlex wrote: I've got a