Re: [ovirt-users] Hosted Engine Almost setup

2016-04-23 Thread Jack Greene
I think if you should be fine to rerun engine-setup in the engine-vm since you didn't join a cluster. If you don't want to have to retype the answers just be sure to change the cluster name in the answer file. [root@engine1 ~]# engine-setup --help Usage: /usr/bin/engine-setup --log=file

[ovirt-users] Hosted Engine Almost setup

2016-04-23 Thread Pat Riehecky
I realize now I shouldn't have set the default cluster name, is there a way I can resume the install of the hosted engine? I've got the engine up and running, so I just need to jump in from after the engine install. Ideas? Checking for oVirt-Engine status at

[ovirt-users] ovirt 3.6 hosted engine vm not displaying in vms tab

2016-04-23 Thread Dobó László
Hi, I just upgraded from 3.6.3 to 3.6.5, but the hosted engine vm still not visible in vms list. Its running on iscsi storage domain. The hosted_storage status is "Inactive", cross data center status is "Locked". I didn't find anything interesting in engine or vdsm log file. Is there any

Re: [ovirt-users] audit_log table performance tuning

2016-04-23 Thread Marina Kalinin
Hi all, So far I created this solution for immediate remedy: I created this general RFE, that would help in our situation: However, this RFE is not all what I have in my mind. I am thinking if

Re: [ovirt-users] Unable to add hosts in ovirt-engine 3.6

2016-04-23 Thread Sandvik Agustin
I already tried that one, but still unable to add host running CentOS 6.7 to ovirt-engine 3.6, BUT I managed to add this host when I Install CentOS 7 on it, then add this to ovirt-engine 3.6 with different Cluster. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it :) Sandvik On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at