[ovirt-users] Cannot start VM - pauses due to storage error

2014-12-27 Thread Brent Hartzell
Hello, All of the sudden stared getting the errors below. Can't start VM's, they immediately go into paused state. Thread-51856::DEBUG::2014-12-27 09:56:08,812::vm::486::vm.Vm::(_getUserCpuTuneInfo) vmId=`e3d75e55-2b41-4f0b-8d2a-16f8fde2ba0d`::Domain Metadata is not set

Re: [ovirt-users] python floppy in RunOnce mode

2014-12-27 Thread Juan Hernández
On 12/24/2014 11:11 AM, Giulio Casella wrote: I can see this behaviour in ovirt 3.5 environment (ovirt-engine- and in rhev 3.4 environment (rhevm-3.4.3-1.2.el6ev). I'm stuck, what I'm doing wrong? :-( I think that you are doing things correctly. Did you take into account

Re: [ovirt-users] VM failover with ovirt3.5

2014-12-27 Thread Yue, Cong
Hi I had a try with hosted-engine --set-maintence --mode=local on compute2-1, which is host 3 in my cluster. From the log, it shows maintence mode is dectected, but migration does not happen. The logs are as follows. Is there any other config I need to check? [root@compute2-1 vdsm]#

Re: [ovirt-users] Can not connect to Storage domain data

2014-12-27 Thread Yue, Cong
I issued one bug with the workaround as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1177459 On 2014/12/22, at 5:39, Vered Volansky ve...@redhat.commailto:ve...@redhat.com wrote: I you determine there is indeed a bug, We'd appreciate you opening one in bugzilla, along with the workaround.

[ovirt-users] Stucked VM Migration and now only run once

2014-12-27 Thread Kurt Woitschach
Hi all, we have a Problem with a VM that can only be started in run-once mode. After a temporary network disconnect on the hosting node, the vm (and some others) was down. When I tried to start regularly, it showed a currently beeing migrated status. I only could start it with run-once. Reboot

Re: [ovirt-users] [ovirt-devel] [RFC] oVirt mobile client

2014-12-27 Thread i iordanov
Hey guys, Thanks for remembering about Opaque. For those who are not familiar with the project, it is an oVirt/RHEV graphics console client which supports the SPICE protocol so far. It uses libgovirt to connect to the oVirt/RHEV API. I also created a separate pure SPICE client (called aSPICE) for

[ovirt-users] feedback-on-oVirt-engine-

2014-12-27 Thread bingozhou2013
Dear Sir, When I try to install the oVirt-engine 3.5 in the CentOS 6.6 .Below error is show : -- Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Package: ovirt-engine-backend- (ovirt-3.5) Requires: novnc You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem You

Re: [ovirt-users] Would you add the project of Jasper into the Zanata?

2014-12-27 Thread Yaniv Dary
The reports is used by oVirt, but we do not translate it. I would contact the Jasper community on how to donate translations. - Original Message - From: 张亚琪 zhangyingyun...@gmail.com To: users@ovirt.org Cc: t...@redhat.com, ykata...@redhat.com Sent: Friday, December 26, 2014

Re: [ovirt-users] Would you add the project of Jasper into the Zanata?

2014-12-27 Thread Yaniv Dary
corrections: - Original Message - From: Yaniv Dary yd...@redhat.com To: 张亚琪 zhangyingyun...@gmail.com Cc: users@ovirt.org, t...@redhat.com, ykata...@redhat.com Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2014 1:36:27 AM Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Would you add the project of Jasper into the