Re: [ovirt-users] Failed to import Vm

2015-01-24 Thread ILanit Stein
Hi, Thanks for reporting on this. Looking at the vdsm.log, there is this error, on having the image already exist in the destination: 8cbff5e0-d768-4e41-8fee-30db386c93a5::ERROR::2015-01-22 18:07:39,238::image::748::Storage.Image::(copyCollapsed) Unexpected error Traceback (most recent call

Re: [ovirt-users] Host remains Non-Responsive after reboot

2015-01-24 Thread ILanit Stein
Hi Rob, Thanks for this report. Would you please provide these logs, at the time frame, the host failure occur: 1. oVirt Engine: /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine.log 2. host: /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log If it is reproducible, please add this info as well. You can also check vdsm service status, on

Re: [ovirt-users] Power Management config on Ovirt

2015-01-24 Thread Renchu Mathew
Hi Martin, I got the below output when I run the command and it works from both the nodes. fence_ipmilan -a -l admin -p admin -o status -v -P Getting status of IPMI: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lanplus -H '' -U 'admin' -P '[set]' -v chassis power

Re: [ovirt-users] Change gluster primary

2015-01-24 Thread Alex Crow
On 20/01/15 20:46, John Gardeniers wrote: Hi Alex, I understand what you're saying and certainly there is no primary from the Gluster perspective. However, things are quite different as far as Ovirt/RHEV is concerned. We had an incident last week where we had to take nix off-line. A

Re: [ovirt-users] Details of the host

2015-01-24 Thread ChandraShekar Shastri
Thanks Juan, Can I login into the ovirt-engine url using the encrypted password. If it is possible what are the encryption method that it allows. Please share the code if you have it handy. Thanks, Chandrashekar On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Juan Hernández wrote: On