Re: [ovirt-users] Sync Error on Master Domain after adding a second one

2015-03-04 Thread Stefano Stagnaro
Hi Liron, I've reproduced the issue with a fresh deployment of oVirt 3.5.2rc. I've provided you with new screencasts and relevant logs for both cases (see inline comments): screencast for case 1:

[ovirt-users] oVirt Weekly Meeting Minutes -- 2015-03-04

2015-03-04 Thread Yaniv Dary
Minutes: Minutes (text): Log: = #ovirt: oVirt Weekly Sync

Re: [ovirt-users] Ovirt engine-setup fails, Cannot get JAVA_HOME

2015-03-04 Thread Carter Kindley
Hey folks, Icedtea-7 allows engine-setup to complete - almost... The setup now fails on cleanup: [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Closing up': Command '/usr/bin/systemctl' failed to execute. The log files indicate that systemctl is attempting to start a unit file (presumably

[ovirt-users] [ACTION REQUIRED] oVirt 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 status

2015-03-04 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
Hi, We still have one open blocker for 3.5.2[1]: Bug ID Whiteboard Status Summary 1176937 virtASSIGNEDInstance type: delta icon (new configuration for next run) does not appear on running pool VMs. ACTION: Tomas Jelinek to provide ETA for the blocker bug. We

[ovirt-users] [QE] oVirt 3.6.0 status

2015-03-04 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
Hi, here's an update on 3.6 status on integration / rel-eng side The tracker bug for 3.6.0 [1] currently shows no blockers. There are 560 bugs [2] targeted to 3.6.0. NEW ASSIGNEDPOSTTotal docs11 0 0 11 gluster 29 2

Re: [ovirt-users] Help understanding Gluster in oVirt

2015-03-04 Thread Eduardo Ramos
I have setup an environment with 8 glustefs nodes in distributed+replicated mode. Instead of CTDB, I'm using keepalived. It works pretty well. On 02/04/2015 04:14 PM, Donny Davis wrote: I have two nodes running the hosted engine and gluster setup for replicate between them. Mounting to

[ovirt-users] Help problem with vm after create a sub template

2015-03-04 Thread
Good morning, after I create a new sub template several vm of a pool remain with state 'Image Locked' What I do to solve? Thank you so much Nick ___ Users mailing list