[ovirt-users] Delete snapshot with status illegal - live merge not possible

2015-08-26 Thread Jan Siml
Hello, after a failed live storage migration (cause unknown) we have a snapshot which is undeletable due to its status 'illegal' (as seen in storage/snapshot tab). I have already found some bugs [1],[2],[3] regarding this issue, but no way how to solve the issue within oVirt 3.5.3. I have

Re: [ovirt-users] Delete snapshot with status illegal - live merge not possible

2015-08-26 Thread Jan Siml
Further investigations showed, that the time on the target storage went backwards due to a misconfigured NTP service. Someone has corrected the configuration while live storage migration was running and the time jumped backwards. Might this be a cause for the issue? Original Message

[ovirt-users] Windows 2012 R2 template deploy unable to login

2015-08-26 Thread Ian Fraser
Hi, I am failing to get a Windows Server 2012 R2 Template deploy successfully. It seems to go through the motions but I cannot log in with the password given in the initial run. It seems that something is failing in the sysprep part. The ovirt docs only mention Win 7/2008. Has anyone had any

Re: [ovirt-users] Feature request: add stateless option in VM pool configuration

2015-08-26 Thread Omer Frenkel
maybe can you explain more about your use-case? in general vms in vm-pool are all stateless, they are meant to be used by users from user portal, that 'take a vm from pool', use it for anything, and when 'returned to pool' the state is wiped. currently there is no way for admin to take vms from

Re: [ovirt-users] vm status

2015-08-26 Thread Omer Frenkel
On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 8:33 AM, Michael Wagenknecht wagenkne...@fuh-e.de wrote: Hi all, how can I mark a VM as shut down when the status of the VM is ?? There is no qemu-kvm process for this VM on the node. But I can't set the node to maintenance mode, because there is a very important VM

[ovirt-users] CentOS 7.1 compatibility with oVirt 3.5.3

2015-08-26 Thread VONDRA Alain
Hello, Before operating a migration of my oVirt engine, I'd like to know if I can install my manager directly as host with CentOS 7.1 and oVirt 3.5.3 without using hosted engine. I know that with older version we needed to use only hosted engine installation. Thanks for your advices. Alain