[ovirt-users] Will Shared storage distributes Compute and Storage Resources?

2016-06-18 Thread Dewey Du
I use GlusterFS as my Shared storage to hold the Virtual Machines. I confuse what does Host ( oVirt Node) do. Will the VMs use the Compute Resources of Host (oVirt Node), such as CPU, Memory? And GlusterFS servers are used for store the VM images? ___

Re: [ovirt-users] Issues importing VMs in oVirt

2016-06-18 Thread Pavel Gashev
Cam, «Inventory -> Hosts and Clusters» represents path to required host in URL. On 17/06/16 16:04, "Cam Mac" > wrote: It is not visible in the default tree view, but if you go to Home->Inventory->VMs and Templates you can see the folders. The

Re: [ovirt-users] best way to migrate VMs from VMware to oVirt

2016-06-18 Thread Pavel Gashev
Basically, I boot windows in safe mode and remove vmware tools. In this case I was able to use old VM if there are issues with conversion. Of course you can remove vmware tools before migration. Linux VMs do not need the convertor. The procedure is much simpler: 1. Make sure you don't use

[ovirt-users] Hosted Engine Spamming Transition E-Mails

2016-06-18 Thread Charles Tassell
Hi Folks, I'm having a strange issue with my 3.6 setup. For the past few days the system has been spamming me with "The state machine changed state" E-Mails. First I get the "EngineUnexpectedlyDown-EngineDown", then "EngineDown-EngineStart" then "EngineStart-EngineStarting" I checked

Re: [ovirt-users] Stuck process in the "Tasks" tab (webadmin interface)

2016-06-18 Thread Arman Khalatyan
Restart engine, or run engine-setup it will clear Zombie tasks. Am 17.06.2016 3:08 nachm. schrieb "Alexis HAUSER" < alexis.hau...@telecom-bretagne.eu>: > hi, > > I realized that I still have a process of creating a VM pool in the Tasks > since...May 20... > How can I check if there is a stuck

Re: [ovirt-users] update eats maintenance reason

2016-06-18 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
Il 17/Giu/2016 12:38, "Sven Kieske" ha scritto: > > On 17/06/16 12:00, Fabrice Bacchella wrote: > > I put an host in maintenance with 'update reason' : > > > > > > maintenance > > update > > > > > > Then click "Upgrade in the GUI, the maintenance