Re: [ovirt-users] Answer file key for "nonlocal postgres"

2017-03-25 Thread Yedidyah Bar David
On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 3:08 AM, Jamie Lawrence wrote: > Hello, > > I’m working on an answerfile for an unattended Ovirt install. The engine and > the data warehouse DBs live remotely. I think I have most of the relevant > keys defined, but appear to be missing one,

[ovirt-users] Error attempting to create dwh readonly user

2017-03-25 Thread Berger, Sandy
I am running oVirt 4.1.1. I am following the instructions in the "Data Warehouse Guide" to create an account for readonly access to the data warehouse history database. I am not familiar with postgres. I am using the command: psql -U postgres -c "CREATE ROLE username WITH LOGIN ENCRYPTED

Re: [ovirt-users] Cloud init and vms

2017-03-25 Thread Artyom Lukianov
Also, you need to be aware of the fact that the engine applies the cloud-init configuration only when you start the VM first time. So the scenario must be: 1. Create a VM for template 2. Install and enable on it cloud-init and seal it 3. Make template from the VM 4. Make new VM from

Re: [ovirt-users] appliance upgrade 4.0 to 4.1

2017-03-25 Thread Artyom Lukianov
The correct way to upgrade appliance from 4.0 to 4.1 1. Enable GlobalMaintenance 2. Add the 4.1 repositories to the appliance 3. Update the relevant packages 4. Run # engine-setup 5. Disable GlobalMaintenance 6. Change cluster and datacenter compatibility version The

[ovirt-users] Gluster network

2017-03-25 Thread Arsène Gschwind
Hi, I do have a recuring warning in engine.log and i'm not able to figure out what is wrong in my setup. 2017-03-25 10:13:12,391+01 WARN [org.ovirt.engine.core.vdsbroker.gluster.GlusterVolumesListReturn] (DefaultQuartzScheduler4) [e02bacbc-75ab-4c48-81c0-e3d64e4bd3e9] Could not associate

Re: [ovirt-users] engine upgrade 4.1.0 => 4.1.1, no more engine console available

2017-03-25 Thread Arsène Gschwind
Hi, After updating to 4.1.1 i'm observing the same behavior, HE without any console. Even when trying to edit the HE VMs it doesn't change anything, Graphics stays to NONE. Thanks for any Help. Regards, Arsène On 03/24/2017 03:11 PM, Nelson Lameiras wrote: Hello, When upgrading my test

Re: [ovirt-users] Getting error when i try to assign logical networks to interfaces

2017-03-25 Thread martin chamambo
Good day @Dan Thank you for the pointers , on my hypervisor there is this directory path /usr/libexec/vdsm/hooks/before_network_setup and in that folder there was a file named 50_fcoe ,i removed that and its working nowI dont know how it got there but seems to have worked and thanx for

Re: [ovirt-users] installing a new host when engine in 4.1 and 4.1.1 just released

2017-03-25 Thread Sandro Bonazzola
Il 24/Mar/2017 17:54, "Gianluca Cecchi" ha scritto: Hello, suppose current situation with 4.1.1 just released: - my environment is in 4.1 with an engine a DC/Cluster with some hosts - I configure a new DC/Cluster/Host connected to the same engine - when I add the 4.1

[ovirt-users] Best Storage Option: iSCSI/NFS/GlusterFS?

2017-03-25 Thread Charles Tassell
Hi Everyone, I'm about to setup an oVirt cluster with two hosts hitting a Linux storage server. Since the Linux box can provide the storage in pretty much any form, I'm wondering which option is "best." Our primary focus is on reliability, with performance being a close second. Since we