Re: [ovirt-users] Gluster and oVirt 4.0 questions

2017-04-03 Thread Sahina Bose
On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 10:32 PM, Jim Kusznir wrote: > Thank you! > > Here's the output of gluster volume info: > [root@ovirt1 ~]# gluster volume info > > Volume Name: data > Type: Replicate > Volume ID: e670c488-ac16-4dd1-8bd3-e43b2e42cc59 > Status: Started > Number of

Re: [ovirt-users] Recent Install Docs?

2017-04-03 Thread Charles Tassell
Hi Alan, Thanks, that's good to know. But without the storage being imported into the cluster, how do I manage the HostedEngine VM? IE, if I want to migrate it to another host in order to do maintenance? I see in my event log an entry "Failed to import the Hosted Engine Storage Domain"

[ovirt-users] setting iSCSI iface.net_ifacename (netIfaceName)

2017-04-03 Thread Devin A. Bougie
Where do I set the iSCSI iface to use when connecting to both the hosted_storate and VM Data Domain? I believe this is related to the difficulty I've had configuring iSCSI bonds within the oVirt engine as opposed to directly in the underlying OS. I've set "iscsi_default_ifaces = ovirtsan" in