Re: [ovirt-users] NullPointerException when changing compatibility version to 4.0

2017-07-22 Thread Michal Skrivanek
> On 20 Jul 2017, at 15:56, Marcel Hanke wrote: > > Hi, > the Log is >400MB heres a part with the Errors. ok and which exact version do you have? > > thanks Marcel > > On Thursday, July 20, 2017 02:43:57 PM Eli Mesika wrote: >> Hi >> >> Please attach full engine.log

Re: [ovirt-users] ovirt 4.1 hosted engine hyper converged on glusterfs 3.8.10 : "engine" storage domain alway complain about "unsynced" elements

2017-07-22 Thread Ravishankar N
On 07/21/2017 11:41 PM, yayo (j) wrote: Hi, Sorry for follow up again, but, checking the ovirt interface I've found that ovirt report the "engine" volume as an "arbiter" configuration and the "data" volume as full replicated volume. Check these screenshots: This is probably some refresh