Re: [ovirt-users] ERROR [org.ovirt.vdsm.jsonrpc.client.reactors.Reactor] (SSL Stomp Reactor) [] Unable to process messages General SSLEngine problem

2017-09-03 Thread Piotr Kliczewski
Gary, Looking at your engine log I see this: Unable to process messages General SSLEngine problem. It means that you have an issue with establishing secure connection. In order to understand more details about your failure please set log level to debug by doing [1]. Once you enable it please

Re: [ovirt-users] failed upgrade oVirt node 4.1.3 -> 4.1.5

2017-09-03 Thread Yuval Turgeman
Hi, Seems to be a bug that was resolved here Thanks, Yuval. On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 3:55 PM, Matthias Leopold <> wrote: > hi, > > i'm sorry to write to this list again, but i failed to upgrade a freshly > installed oVirt Node

Re: [ovirt-users] Install failed when adding host in Ovirt

2017-09-03 Thread Yaniv Kaul
On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Khoi Thinh wrote: > Hi everyone, > I have a question regard of host in Ovirt. Is it possible that we can add > host which is registered in different data-center? > No. What exactly is the use case? A host can be in one data-center under

[ovirt-users] Cannot delete the snapshot

2017-09-03 Thread wai chun hung
Dear all, This is my first time to ask question in this place. Thank you for time to read my question first. Yesterday, i wanted to delete the snapshot on oVirt Engine Web Administration. However, it took so long to delete a snapshot and it still in process. Due to the "snapshot error", i cannot