[ovirt-users] Re: engine.log flooded with "Field 'foo' can not be updated when status is 'Up'"

2019-08-17 Thread Matthias Leopold
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1742924 Am 13.08.19 um 19:14 schrieb Sharon Gratch: Hi, We checked that issue and found out that you are right and this extra logging lines problem is caused by "next run configuration" improvements added to oVirt 4.3.5. The current behaviour is

[ovirt-users] Evaluate oVirt to remove VMware

2019-08-17 Thread dsalade
Howdy All!!! Somewhat new user to Linux and having some issues with oVirt node networking. We are mainly a Windows/VMware medium shop but have a pretty good network. Our VMware setup has redundant switches using multiple VLANs. This was fairly easy to setup with VMware. We never had an issue

[ovirt-users] Need to enable STP on ovirt bridges

2019-08-17 Thread ej . albany
Hello. I have been trying to figure out an issue for a very long time. That issue relates to the ethernet and 10gb fc links that I have on my cluster being disabled any time a migration occurs. I believe this is because I need to have STP turned on in order to participate with the switch.