[ovirt-users] Re: After importing the ovirt-engine 4.3.5 backup file into ovirt-engine 4.3.6, will the information of the ovirt-engine 4.3.6 management interface be the same as ovirt-engine 4.3.5?

2019-11-10 Thread Yedidyah Bar David
On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 11:55 AM wrote: > > The current version of ovirt-engine in production environment is > In order to prevent the ovirt-engine machine from being down, the management > interface cannot be used, according to the relevant link: >

[ovirt-users] Re: I want to configure an web server

2019-11-10 Thread Jayme
The same as you would network a bare metal server. If you want to access a web server from anywhere you need a public ip. The vm itself doesn’t necessary have to have the public ip bound you could do nat with an internal up address then have a public ip forwarded to it. On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at

[ovirt-users] Re: oVirt and Netapp question

2019-11-10 Thread Ladislav Humenik
Hi, basically the aggregate free space is relevant, as you mentioned you are having thin volumes, right? On 08.11.19 07:18, Vrgotic, Marko wrote: Hi Ladislav, Not sure if you sam my reply, so i give it another shot. I just want to he clear on understanding what you wrote in your

[ovirt-users] I want to configure an web server

2019-11-10 Thread Istiaque Islam
Hi there, I have installed oVirt on a server and related ISO and Data domains. I can create Virtual Machines and that machine get access to internet to download things. What I want to do now : 1. create an web server using centos and access that webserver from anywhere with internet connection

[ovirt-users] Long post about gluster issue after 6.5 to 6.6 upgrade and recovery steps

2019-11-10 Thread Strahil Nikolov
Hello Colleagues, I want to share my experience and especially how I have recovered after a situation where gluster refuses to heal several files of my oVirt Lab. Most probably the situation was caused by the fact that I didn't check if all files were healed before I started the upgrade on the