[ovirt-users] Re: [ANN] oVirt 4.3.7 Third Release Candidate is now available for testing

2019-11-17 Thread Strahil Nikolov
So far, I have rolled back the engine and the 3 hosts - still cannot manipulate the storage.It seems that gluster itself is working, but vdsm and the oVirt stack cannot access the storage - cannot create new VM disks, cannot start a VM and I'm on the verge of redeploy. Best Regards,Strahil

[ovirt-users] Newbie Questions

2019-11-17 Thread Dirk Streubel
Hello, i'am a new user and i have a few questions, maybe somebody can Help. It is possible to install the Server Management on a Raspberry PI 4 with 4GB.  I find in the official Re Hat Document "Red Hat Virtualization Manager Hardware Requirements" that 4GB RAM is enough. And the PI has a 128 GB

[ovirt-users] Re: Unable to attach ISO domain to Datacenter

2019-11-17 Thread Ahmad Khiet
Hi Ivan, can you please provide ovirt engine log and vdsm logs? On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 9:19 AM Ivan de Gusmão Apolonio < i...@apolonio.com.br> wrote: > I'm having trouble to create a storage ISO Domain and attach it to a > Datacenter. It just give me this error message: > > Error while