[ovirt-users] Snapshot creation using REST API

2016-07-21 Thread Vishal Panchal
Hello, I have created a snapshot using Ovirt REST API. After creation in response I found a link that gives me creation status of snapshot but when I am using that URL I am getting 404 Error(URL Not Found). I am using Ovirt version 3 API . Regards, *Vishal Panchal* Software Developer

[ovirt-users] Start VM with cloud_init and ssh key using REST API

2016-04-05 Thread Vishal Panchal
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[ovirt-users] User permission error in add new disk using API

2016-03-30 Thread Vishal Panchal
Hello, I got following error during add new disk using API but on other side from admin panel I can create new disk. *Error :* Cannot add Virtual Machine Disk. The user doesn't have permissions to attach Disk Profile to the Disk. Regards, *Vishal Panchal* Software Developer *+918140283911