Re: [ovirt-users] VirtIO-SCSI and viodiskcache custom property

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Does it help if you edit the VM and under Resource Allocation ­ enable IO threads. ? Zip From: <> on behalf of Yaniv Kaul <> Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 12:54 PM To: Matthias Leopold <> C

[ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 - Removed disk remains in VM OS with hooks?

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I am having an issue where when I use the REST API to connect a snapshot from another VM to a Backup-Appliance-VM, after the clone when I remove the Disk and delete the Snapshot, the disk remains in the Backup-Appliance-VM as /dev/sdb ot /dev/vdb. If I reboot the Bakup-Applicance-VM the disk

[ovirt-users] Snapshot Disk fails to connect to BackupApplianceVM - Failed to HotPlugDiskVDS

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Okay, when I do a snapshot, and then mount the snapshot to a BackupApplianceVM, all works using NFS4 as my Storage Domain for the VM being backed up. If I change that disk storage on the VM to be backed up to my iSCSI storage, my script breaks and I see these errors in the oVirt Engine logs: ---

[ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 WebUI Plugin API Docs?

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:// vale_2013.pdf Thanks Zip ___ Users mailing list

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 WebUI Plugin API Docs?

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failure However if I remove the line: api.addMainTab('FooTab','xtab123','Œ); And replace it with something simple like: alert(ŒTest 123¹); There are no errors and the alert fires as it should. Any ideas of what I might be missing? I am running oVirt 4.2.1 on CentOS ­ Hosted Engine setup

[ovirt-users] oVirt 4.x - RestAPI - Backup - How to Image Inactive Disk

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-Backing_Up_and_Restoring_Virtual_Machines_Using_the_Backup_and_Restore_ API.html Thanks Zip ___ Users mailing

Re: [ovirt-users] The future of backups in oVirt 4.2+

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om a attached snapshot. You¹d think oVirt would have something better for a DR solution or at least make it so you dont have to become an oVirt Dev Contributor to be able to backup your Vms? ** I would love to see a clear example of how to do VM backups from the command line in a script so I can move on t

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 - Removed disk remains in VM OS with hooks?

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The actual backup is being catalogued using the uuid and vmname. > > >> A second issue is that the above wont work when I have the Vms running on >> MPIO iSCSI storage, so for testing I have moved to NFS4. Anyone have ideas >> about either issue, I¹d love to h

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 - Removed disk remains in VM OS with hooks?

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nd will post logs if stuck. I just wanted to know if there was anything obvious that I should be doing differently with iSCSI vs NFS with mounting disks/snapshots. Zip ‹ Y. > > Thanks > > <> #ovirt > zi

Re: [ovirt-users] how do you backup VM - Citrix Xen Migrate too!

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Hi Peter, Have a look at my solution here. Is a full backup solution and a migration utility from Xen(Citrix) to oVirt. Cheers Zip From: <> on behalf of Peter Hudec <> Organization: CNC

Re: [ovirt-users] oVirt 4.2 WebUI Plugin API Docs?

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work. Maybe I am wrong on what it does? I am looking to add a submenu – same as the current 4.2.1 UI shows Network and then(Vnic Profiles) (Networks) as submenus. Thanks Zip > > > On Sunday, February 25, 2018 1:11:08 AM EST Zip wrote: >> Hi Alexander, >> >&

[ovirt-users] CORSFilter Web Admin

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pport /* But that just ends up in Server Errors Thanks for any help ;) Zip ___ Users mailing list