[ovirt-users] 答复: 答复: How power-saving schedule policy applied?

2018-01-09 Thread Alex Shen
ly or using some SDK). We were even working on it for a while, but it was put on backburner since sysadmins know cron well and the UI would have to be limited anyway. Best regards -- Martin Sivak SLA / oVirt On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 8:55 AM, Alex Shen <a...@bill-jc.com> wrote: > > Hi Marti

[ovirt-users] How power-saving schedule policy applied?

2018-01-08 Thread Alex Shen
Hi, I'm wondering how to apply power-saving schedule in ovirt cluster(version is Is there any instruction or manual with UI snapshots guidance? That will be appreciated. I've configed all host with ipmilan protocol and test ok. I suppose that power saving policy should