[ovirt-users] iSCSI Storage - sda failue - how to move VMs?

2015-01-21 Thread Andrzej Suś
Hi guys, I have some VMs with preallocated disks on - still green - iSCSI Storage domain, where one of disks is going to die, which caused to change iscsi mount to read only. Of course all VMs allocated on this storage has been paused or turned off. Is there any way to save these VMs (disks)?

[ovirt-users] MooseFS cluster as storage domain

2015-01-07 Thread Andrzej Suś
Hi everyone, I would like to create storage domain based on MooseFS cluster. The first idea was to do it by mount Posix compliant FS, but it doesn't like to mount (or i don't know how to do it). The next idea was to use NFS, but even that won't work. NFS causing Kernel crash and rebooting a Host