[ovirt-users] Cannot start VM - pauses due to storage error

2014-12-27 Thread Brent Hartzell
Hello, All of the sudden stared getting the errors below. Can't start VM's, they immediately go into paused state. Thread-51856::DEBUG::2014-12-27 09:56:08,812::vm::486::vm.Vm::(_getUserCpuTuneInfo) vmId=`e3d75e55-2b41-4f0b-8d2a-16f8fde2ba0d`::Domain Metadata is not set

[ovirt-users] all hosts non-operational

2014-12-22 Thread Brent Hartzell
Hello, After testing replacing a failed Gluster brick (shared ovirt/gluster) ALL hosts in the cluster go non-responsive, storage drops off etc. Now, gluster peer status fails, can't set any volume options, the volume randomly drops out of oVirt (was created from oVirt), log in oVirt dashboard

[ovirt-users] Autostart vm's at host boot on local storage

2014-12-22 Thread Brent Hartzell
Can this be done? We hit a road block with gluster and will be using local storage while testing gluster. Only problem, if a host reboots, the vm's on that host do not. Is there a way to have ovirt/libvirt start all vm's residing on the local

[ovirt-users] CPU Type

2014-12-20 Thread Brent Hartzell
Hello, Is there a way to add Xeon or another class of CPU Type to oVirt? We have some test hosts, which use a combo of the following CPU types: Xeon L5420 Xeon E5430 Xeon E5420 The only two CPU Types that will work in oVirt are Conroe Penryn. Inside of a VM, it reports Core 2 Duo.

[ovirt-users] Cannot activate storage domain

2014-12-17 Thread Brent Hartzell
Have the following: 6 hosts - virt + Gluster shared Gluster volume is distributed-replicate - replica 2 Shutting down servers one at a time all work except for 1 brick. If we shut down one specific brick (1 brick per host) - we're unable to activate the storage domain. VM's that were

[ovirt-users] alternate method of fencing

2014-12-16 Thread Brent Hartzell
Is there a way to force oVirt to place a host into maintenance mode automatically when a problem occurs? The problem we have is separate networks for everything: 2 public nics which are bonded active/backup for internet access 4 bonded gigabit nics for our Gluster network 1 IPMI The