[ovirt-users] Best way to create project-based virtual labs

2016-08-12 Thread Clint Smith
Hi All, I have gone through work of setting up ovirt and have integrated a directory server. I am now reading about permissions and quotas; I'm trying to figure out the best mechanisms for sectioning off resources to groups of users that are on different projects. I would like each member to

[ovirt-users] Missing engine-manage-domains?!

2016-08-04 Thread Clint Smith
I'm using oVirt Engine Version: and wanted to connect an LDAP server. I went looking for engine-manage-domains on the engine machine but it seems to be missing. Any ideas? Thanks, Clint ___ Users mailing list Users@ovirt.org

Re: [ovirt-users] Networking issues with oVirt Guest VM.

2016-07-06 Thread Clint Smith
Please turn iptables/firewalld off. >> >> >> Regards, >> Yevgeny >> >> On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 9:06 PM, Yevgeny Zaspitsky <yzasp...@redhat.com> >> wrote: >> >>> Hello, >>> >>> IIUC using vdsm macspoof hook would help

[ovirt-users] Networking issues with oVirt Guest VM.

2016-06-29 Thread Clint Smith
Hello, I have been experimenting with oVirt for the last couple of weeks and I must say it has a lot of nice features. I really like it, however, I am having a heck of a time getting the guest networking all set up correctly. I am hoping that someone can give me a little guidance in figuring