[ovirt-users] Re: [ovirt-devel] Re: Mailing-Lists upgrade

2018-05-13 Thread Jayme Fall
Two issues I’ve seen with this upgrade: 1. This address I’m sending from was subscribed to ovirt user mailing list in the past, I un-subscribed it a while ago and now I’m getting mail at it again. My other address @gmail.com was subscribed all along and is now NOT getting any email from the

[ovirt-users] Host nic up and down + sanlock errors

2017-11-15 Thread Jayme Fall
I’ve been handed an ovirt setup from a previous admin that has resigned from the company. It was setup more as a test bed and not a final solution. Storage is being mounted over NFS from local drives contained on one of the hosts. I’ve been seeing alerts about one particular host’s nic

[ovirt-users] How to mount/use a shareable disk

2017-11-09 Thread Jayme Fall
I’m playing around with shared disks in ovirt to allow a couple of vm’s to access the same data. I created a new disk that is shareable and attached it to one of my CentOS vms but I don’t understand how to actually make use of the shared disk. It does not show up as a mounted disk on the

[ovirt-users] How to best view remote console via macosX

2017-11-03 Thread Jayme Fall
I’m wondering what the best method is to get overt console support working from a MacOSx device. I have tried opening console.vv files using vnc client as well as remote viewer and have not had any luck thus far. Overt is version 4.1.4 Thanks! ___