Re: [ovirt-users] Deploy Ovirt VM's By Ansible Playbook Issue

2017-06-17 Thread Khalid Jamal
Dear Lucai reproduce the vm by hand by create one vm all things is all right then create template from this vm after that i create new 10 vm's from this template and delete it then create 10 vm's with the same name from template again still all thing is all right so i suspect in my ansible . best

[ovirt-users] can i Extend volume from replica 2 to replica 3 with arbiter

2017-05-13 Thread Khalid Jamal
Dear Teami need you advice for convert our volume replica 2 to replica 3 with arbiter but important thing it's production environments , i try to convert the same name of volume in replica 2 to convert is to the replica 3 to avoid losing vm's or any data that's what i do it :# gluster volume

[ovirt-users] Glusterd Service Stopped Working After Delete Volume And Peers ID

2017-05-11 Thread Khalid Jamal
Dear Teami have error on glusterd service it's not working after delete gluster volume and delete all peers id , the service is not working , what shall i do , i bake all id peers on all gluster node but service still not working is that a bug , by the way my gluster version is (3.8.10) .best