[ovirt-users] Gluster error in server log.

2020-06-05 Thread Krist van Besien
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[ovirt-users] Re: [Gluster-users] Re: Single instance scaleup.

2020-06-05 Thread Krist van Besien
Hi all. I acrtually did something like that myself. I started out with a single node HC cluster. I then added another node (and plan to add a third). This is what I did: 1) Set up the new node. Make sure that you have all dependencies. (In my case I started with a Centos 8 machine, and

[ovirt-users] Recuring error in the Administration Portal

2020-06-03 Thread Krist van Besien
When using the Administration Portal after a while I start to get errors like this: 'Uncaught exception occurred. Please try reloading the page. Details: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'isEval' of undefined Please have your administrator check the UI logs' 'Uncaught exception occurred.