[ovirt-users] Re: Can't install Ovirt from cockpit - ERROR: cannot retrieve iSCSI luns

2020-12-02 Thread Patrick Lomakin
Hi Asaf. Thanks for quick answer. I am sorry, but I have installed HE a week ago using console installer. Do you see this thread? https://lists.ovirt.org/archives/list/users@ovirt.org/thread/2XKKX2O763XKYUTHLDY5NON6ZUCE6Y3V/ I think the problem fixed yesteday.

[ovirt-users] Can't to update cluster to 4.5

2020-12-01 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I have a message: "Data Center Default compatibility version is 4.4, which is lower than latest available version 4.5. Please upgrade your Data Center to latest version to successfully finish upgrade of your setup". When I try to update datacenter Default I got an error: Error while executing

[ovirt-users] Re: Failed upgrade from SHE 4.3.10 to 4.4.3 - Host set to Non-Operational - missing networks

2020-12-01 Thread Patrick Lomakin
Try this command on the host: vdsm-tool remove-config, vdsm-tool configure --force; If it will not work, you can stop your VMs with virsh, install a "clean" setup of the hosted engine and import your storage with all VMs. I think if it possible, installing a new HE and manually set some

[ovirt-users] Can't install Ovirt from cockpit - ERROR: cannot retrieve iSCSI luns

2020-11-24 Thread Patrick Lomakin
Latest version of Ovirt - 4.4.3 Hi everyboby. I have tryed to install hosted engine from ovirt cockpit, but when select iSCSI target I give the same error - Error: Cannot retrieve iSCSI LUNs. After that I have installed hosted engine from console with command - "hosted-engine --deploy" and than

[ovirt-users] Re: iSCSI multipath with separate subnets... still not possible in 4.4.x?

2020-07-20 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I don't quite understand what multipath is, but when I deployed it in my iSCSI repository, only one ip address is specified when installing hosted-engine. However, in order to specify the second subnet, I went to my host portal where I was deploying the engine and added the second subnet in the

[ovirt-users] Re: Ovirt Hosted Engine Setup

2020-07-20 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I have also seen this. Long time later the hosted-engine setup threw an error, but after install from cockpit panel an error disappeared. Try this too) Regards! ___ Users mailing list -- users@ovirt.org To unsubscribe send an email to

[ovirt-users] Error: missing groups or modules: javapackages-tools in EL 8.2

2020-07-13 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I'm take an error after executing "dnf module enable -y javapackages-tools pki-deps postgresql:12 389-ds". Error message: "Error: Problems in request: missing groups or modules: javapackages-tools" Installed system - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 ___

[ovirt-users] Hosted engine can't start after changing cluster settings

2020-07-07 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I changed the BIOS Type settings in the cluster settings section to UEFI BIOS, and hosted-engine does not start after rebooting. Although, before I made the changes, I looked in the engine at the /boot partition, which has the /efi directory. Is there any way to change the engine settings

[ovirt-users] Re: oVirt 4.4 HE on Copy local VM disk to shared storage (NFS) failing

2020-05-27 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I think the problem with a storage connection. Verify your IP addresses on the storage adapter port. Are they connected? After install my ports for storage was deactivated by defaut. Try to connect your iSCSI manually with iscsiadm command and then check your storage connection in storage tab

[ovirt-users] How to upgrade my cluster to 4.4 without pain (it will be useful not only to me)

2020-05-25 Thread Patrick Lomakin
We have four hosts with self-hosted engines. Installed version of the engine 4.3.9. I have the power reserve to migrate all virtual machines to three hosts and spend on construction on the remaining host. I really want someone to help me make a plan to upgrade and upgrade to version 4.4

[ovirt-users] Re: Migrate engine to another storage domain without losing engine settings?

2020-04-16 Thread Patrick Lomakin
You can use two ways to do that: if your new environment has the same version try to use engine-backup/restore, or save your backup and try to use hosted-engine --deploy --restore-configuration=your-backup, see more info in documentation ___ Users

[ovirt-users] Re: Problem with connecting the Storage Domain (Host host2 cannot access the Storage Domain(s) )

2020-04-05 Thread Patrick Lomakin
I don't know how to delete this thread, but problem was - the diffrent addresses in my storage configuration. I setted the same address to all ports such as and my host have installed successfully. ___ Users mailing list -- users@ovirt.org

[ovirt-users] Re: ISO and Export domains deprecated

2020-04-05 Thread Patrick Lomakin
> Hi all > > I'm trying to understand how ISO and Export domains going away is going to > affect us. > > We have four RHV instances: > - Prod DC1 (RHV4.1) > - Prod DC2 (RHV4.1) > - DEV (RHV4.3) > - TEST (RHV4.3) > > Prod DC1, DEV and TEST all share export and ISO domains. > > Prod DC2 is

[ovirt-users] Re: How to install Ovirt Node without ISO

2020-03-31 Thread Patrick Lomakin
Why do this? You can install Ovirt as a package using yum. Ovirt Node is simply CentOs with included repos and ovirt install package. See Ovirt documentation how to setup host on download page ___ Users mailing list -- users@ovirt.org To unsubscribe

[ovirt-users] Problem with connecting the Storage Domain (Host host2 cannot access the Storage Domain(s) )

2020-03-31 Thread Patrick Lomakin
Hello, everyone! I need specialist help, because I'm already desperate. My company has four hosts that are connected to the vault. Each host has its own IP to access the storage, which means host 1 has an ip and -> host 2 has an ip and respectively.