[ovirt-users] OVIRT 3.6/OVIRT 4.0 architecture integration design with Docker

2015-12-10 Thread Rizwan Ashraf
Good day all, Do we have OVIRT 3.6 architecture integration design/capability with Docker. Any updated documentation, PPT, configuration examples may help Thank you, Rizwan ___ Users mailing list Users@ovirt.org

[ovirt-users] OVIRT Roadmap for 2016

2015-11-11 Thread Rizwan Ashraf
Dear all, I am interested to learn about activity and approach for 2016 OVIRT roadmap. Perhaps features scope of OVIRT 3.7? Thank you and best regards, Riz ___ Users mailing list Users@ovirt.org http://lists.ovirt.org/mailman/listinfo/users

[ovirt-users] OVIRT single node/host install

2014-07-12 Thread Rizwan Ashraf
Greetings, Been trying for a long time to install OVIRT 3.4.2 in a single 2U Server, however OVIRT 3.4 requires 2 physical hosts. Today tried to install OVIRT 3.5 nightly package, however All in one files are missing to install OVIRT 3.5 in a single physical node. Any help please? Thank you,