[ovirt-users] Master Storage Domain Locked

2016-02-19 Thread Rob Abshear
We lost power to an ovirt cluster. When things came back, the master storage domain was locked. All of the nodes are non operational. Is there a procedure for unlocking a storage domain? I have used the unlock-entity script for other object types.

Re: [ovirt-users] Host remains Non-Responsive after reboot

2015-01-27 Thread Rob Abshear
11:56:53,544 and a connection timeout in 2015-01-26 11:56:53,553 that might be related Piotr, can you please have a look ? Sure. Can you please send me the logs? Thanks, Ilanit. - Forwarded Message - From: Rob Abshear rabsh...@citytwist.net To: ILanit Stein

Re: [ovirt-users] Host remains Non-Responsive after reboot

2015-01-26 Thread Rob Abshear
responsive, by running on host 'service vdsmd status' There might some problem, that might have prevented from vdsm service to come up, on host. Ilanit. - Original Message - From: Rob Abshear rabsh...@citytwist.net To: users@ovirt.org Sent: Friday, January 23, 2015 9:22:42 PM Subject

[ovirt-users] Host remains Non-Responsive after reboot

2015-01-23 Thread Rob Abshear
I am running oVirt Engine Version I have 4 hosts in the cluster. Each host has a drac5 and it is configured and working. I am trying to simulate a node failure. I am running one HA VM on one of the hosts for testing. I simulate the failure by powering off the host with the VM

[Users] Ovirt in the cloud

2014-01-16 Thread Rob Abshear
Is it possible to use leased dedicated servers as ovirt nodes? In my mind it seems likely, but input from the community would be appreciated. I'm envisioning a controller node running on a dedicated server leased from a provider and multiple compute nodes running on several different

[Users] How do I add a node?

2013-12-13 Thread Rob Abshear
I am thoroughly confused at this point. I have three servers. One for a controller and two for nodes. These servers were used as an oVirt environment just last week. But, now, when I try to do a fresh installation with the exact same configuration as before, I can't add nodes. Here is the

Re: [Users] How do I add a node?

2013-12-13 Thread Rob Abshear
I did the additional steps as you recommended. The network is up and I can manually ssh from the controller to the nodes now. However, the installation of the node still fails with Unexpected connection termination. The engine.log shows the following: 2013-12-13 13:57:51,177 WARN

Re: [Users] How do I add a node?

2013-12-13 Thread Rob Abshear
Two hammer strikes and two nails firmly driven. You were absolutely correct on both counts. I have green nodes!!! Thanks a bazillion!! On 12/13/2013 02:04 PM, Alon Bar-Lev wrote: - Original Message - From: Rob Abshear rabsh...@citytwist.net To: Markus Stockhausen stockhau

[Users] Can't add networks

2013-12-13 Thread Rob Abshear
I have a brand spanking new installation. Fresh controllers and nodes. I have imported some machines and have them up and running. However, when I try to add any more networks to the nodes, I get a failure. The engine.log is giving the following failure: 2013-12-13 19:48:03,280 INFO

[Users] moving ovirt controller

2013-12-11 Thread Rob Abshear
I am running ovirt-engine-3.4.0-0.2.master.20131107144332.git214186b.fc18.noarch on a server and I want to move it to another physical server. I did a fresh install on the new server and it is running ovirt-engine-3.4.0-0.2.master.20131119150718.git949cac2.fc18.noarch. I want to migrate the

[Users] Failed to configure management network on the host

2013-11-13 Thread Rob Abshear
I am running oVirt Engine Version: 3.4.0-0.2.master.20131107144332.git214186b.fc18. I am having an issue adding new hosts. I do a fresh install of fc18 on the host and then try to add it into my cluster. The controller installs all packages and it looks like it's all good, but at the end I

[Users] Removing orphaned hosts

2013-11-08 Thread Rob Abshear
I have an oVirt installation with two datacenters. One datacenter called Dev has three nodes that are just PCs and live in a datacenter called Development. The other is a production cluster called DMZ with two Dell servers and it lives in a data center called Production. I had to bring all

[Users] Committing a snapshot that is in preview mode

2013-11-05 Thread Rob Abshear
We had an issue with a VM where someone made a configuration change and broke something. So I brought up a previous snapshot in preview mode and made a few changes to it and got the broken piece back up. Now I want to make the snapshot with the changes into the actual running VM. I am

[Users] VM is locked. Export never finishes

2013-10-29 Thread Rob Abshear
I was exporting an image to move it to another domain. It has been running for hours now, and I don't think it will finish. I tried unlocking the image manually using the following commands: psql -d engine -U postgres SELECT vm_name from vms where vm_guid = (SELECT vm_guid FROM

[Users] Adding Gluster support after the fact.

2013-10-28 Thread Rob Abshear
I initially installed oVirt without Gluster management support. Now I want to add it in. What is the best method for doing this? I tried running engine-cleanup and then engine-setup to add it in that way. But the only thing I accomplished was to hose my install. Now that I have recovered

[Users] Crashed controller node

2013-10-27 Thread Rob Abshear
I rebuilt the controller node for my oVirt environment and restored the DB. However, all running VMs now show up with a question mark and all storage domains and data centers show red. However, all VMs are running. How could I go about doing a complete fresh install of the controller and