Re: [Users] Cannot run VM. Low disk space on relevant Storage Domain

2013-01-29 Thread Rocky

I think you mean Engine-config in oVirt? Just so other people with the
same question goes in the right direction here.

Thanks anyway, you helped me up on the track.

Regards //Ricky

On 2013-01-27 15:31, Dafna Ron wrote:
 you can set the limit of low disk space using rhevm-config

 FreeSpaceCriticalLowInGB: Critical low disk space alert threshold (in
 GB) (Value Type: Integer)
 FreeSpaceLow: Limit of % free disk-space below which it is considered
 low (Value Type: Integer)*
 run rhevm-config --help for more info on how to use the command.

 and note that you need to restart ovirt-engine service after change.

 On 01/27/2013 11:39 AM, Ricky Schneberger wrote:

 I have put up a test environment with oVirt 3.1 and found out (because
 of limited storage) that when trying to run a vm i got Error while
 executing action: Cannot run VM. Low disk space on relevant Storage Domain.

 Disk space on the storage domain is 322GB free (9% of total).

 Can I change these limits? How are they calculated? By percentage?
 I dont use quotas anywhere.



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Re: [Users] Best practice to resize a WM disk image

2013-01-08 Thread Rocky
Its just a theoretical question as I think the issue will come for us
and other users.

I think there can be one or more snapshots in the WM over the time. But
if that is an issue we can always collapse them I think.
If its a base image it should be RAW, right?
In this case its on file storage (NFS).

Regards //Ricky

On 2013-01-08 10:07, Yeela Kaplan wrote:
 Hi Ricky,
 In order to give you a detailed answer I need additional details regarding 
 the disk:
 - Is the disk image composed as a chain of volumes or just a base volume? 
 (if it's a chain it will be more complicated, you might want to collapse the 
 chain first to make it easier).
 - Is the disk image raw? (you can use qemu-img info to check)
 - Is the disk image on block or file storage?


 - Original Message -
 From: Ricky
 Sent: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 10:40:27 AM
 Subject: [Users] Best practice to resize a WM disk image


 If I have a VM that has run out of disk space, how can I increase the
 space in best way? One way is to add a second bigger disk to the WM
 and then use dd or similar to copy. But is it possible to stretch the
 original disk inside or outside oVirt and get oVirt to know the

 Regards //Ricky
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