Re: [ovirt-users] IP Address Stealing

2016-08-03 Thread Subhendu Ghosh
Not built into ovirt AFAIK,  but an ebtables rule can allow you to filter out 
mac+ip combinations 

Look at the anti-spoofing rules on

It doesn't prevent the user adding it in the vm, but the infrastructure blocks 
it's usage.

From: Bill Bill 
Sent: Aug 3, 2016 22:40
Subject: [ovirt-users] IP Address Stealing



It is possible to prevent a VM from adding an IP? For example, if we provision 
a VM with one IP, if the user has root access they can simply add random IP’s 
from within the same range as sub interfaces: eth0:0 eth0:1 eth0:2 so on and so 


Subnetting is not ideal in this situation because it’s a huge waste of IP space.

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Re: [Users] which file system for shared disk?

2013-07-10 Thread Subhendu Ghosh
On 07/10/2013 07:53 AM, Piotr Szubiakowski wrote:
 gluster is good in scenario when we have many hosts with own storage and we
 aggregate these pieces it into one shared storage. In this situation data is
 transferred via Ethernet ore Infiniband. In our scenario we have centralized
 storage accedes via Fibre Channel. In this situation it would be more
 efficient when data would be transferred through FC.

For FC disk presented to all nodes in the cluster, why use a filesystem?
use LVM instead,

 W dniu 10.07.2013 13:23, Chris Smith pisze:
 Why not use gluster with xfs on the storage bricks?

 On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:15 AM, Piotr Szubiakowski  wrote:
 we are developing an application where would be great if multiple host could
 have access to the same disk. I think that we can use features like shared
 disk or direct LUN to attach the same storage to multiple VM's. However to
 provide concurrent access to the resource, there should be a cluster file
 system used. The most popular open source cluster file systems are GFS2 and
 OCFS2. So my questions are:

 1) Does anyone have share disk between VM's in oVirt? What fs did You used?
 2) Is it possible to use GFS2 on VM's that are running on oVirt? Does anyone
 have run fencing mechanism with ovirt/libvirt?

 Many thanks,
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