Re: [ovirt-users] Move a VM between 2 setups

2016-11-15 Thread ccox
Export domains are to move VMs between oVirt environments.  As already mentioned, you attach the export domain to one data center, export the vm, maint/detach, attach to different data center, attach and import (then maint/detach, etc.). The language "export domains 'between' engines" is a

[ovirt-users] I don't need reports anymore. How do I get rid of it? ovirt 3.6.7

2016-09-29 Thread ccox
I'd like to get rid of the Jasper server from my mgmt host altogether (not a migration, I just don't want it at all). I disable the dwh and reports services (Centos 7), but I think the engine needs to be configured to not try to send anything (at least it looks like that to me from the logs).

[ovirt-users] Import and Exporting domains (to export/import across datacenters) no longer working

2016-04-26 Thread ccox
In the past we had a 3.4 and a 3.5 ovirt. I was able to attach an Export domain to one, export Templates and/or VMs... put in into Maint mode, Detach it from the datacenter, go to the other ovirt manager, import the Domain (sometimes forcing an attach, sometimes it would automatically attach) and

[ovirt-users] Need to clear domain Export already exists in an ovirt (3.5)

2015-12-03 Thread ccox
Our ovirt 3.5 host thinks it has an export domain, but it's not visible anywhere, but it's keeping us from importing a domain from a different datacenter. What database update do I need to issue to clear the bad state from the ovirt 3.5 we are trying to Import into?

Re: [ovirt-users] Any way to correlate a VM disk (e.g. /dev/vda) to the vdsm ovirt disk?

2015-10-07 Thread ccox
> Hi ccox, > you can see the disk id mapping to device if you execute 'ls -l > /dev/disk/by-id/' . > Second way, and easier, is to make sure you have guest-agent installed on > your guest virtual machine and using rest API you can run GET command: > GET on .../api/vms/{vm

[ovirt-users] Any way to correlate a VM disk (e.g. /dev/vda) to the vdsm ovirt disk?

2015-10-06 Thread ccox
I want to correlate virtual disks back to their originating storage under ovirt. Is there any way to do this? e.g. (made up example) /dev/vda maps to ovirt disk disk1_vm serial 978e00a3-b4c9-4962-bc4f-ffc9267acdd8 ___ Users mailing list