[ovirt-users] Re: VM HostedEngine is down with error

2020-09-04 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello, This is what I could gather from the gluster logs around the time frame of the HE shutdown. NODE1: [root@ov-no1 glusterfs]# more bricks/gluster_bricks-vmstore-vmstore.log-20200830 |egrep "( W | E )"|more [2020-08-27 15:35:03.090477] W [glusterfsd.c:1570:cleanup_and_exit]

[ovirt-users] Re: VM HostedEngine is down with error

2020-09-03 Thread souvaliotimaria
Thank you very much for your reply. I checked the NTP and realized the service wasn't working properly on two of the three nodes, but despite that the clocks seemed to have the correct time(date and hwdate). I switched to chronyd and stopped the ntpd service and now it seems the servers'

[ovirt-users] VM HostedEngine is down with error

2020-09-01 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello everyone, I have a replica 2 + arbiter installation and this morning the Hosted Engine gave the following error on the UI and resumed on a different node (node3) than the one it was originally running(node1). (The original node has more memory than the one it ended up, but it had a

[ovirt-users] Re: Upgrade Memory of oVirt Nodes

2020-08-19 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello again, Hope everyone's ok. I'm really sorry for being so late, but I came back with the update. We wanted to upgrade the memory because we plan on deploying several VMs on the platform, mostly for services, and thought that now was a better time to do the upgrade than later on. I

[ovirt-users] Upgrade Memory of oVirt Nodes

2020-05-19 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello everyone, I have an oVirt hyperconverged 3 node production environment and we want to add some RAM to it. Can I upgrade the RAM without my users noticing any disruptions and keep the VMs running? The way I thought I should do it was to migrate any running VMs to the other

[ovirt-users] Messed up installation - SSL handshake ERROR

2019-09-25 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello, everyone! So, I have an experimental installation of ovirt with 3 nodes and glustered. Recently I deployed a new installation with ovirt, 3nodes and glustered storage here as well. The thing is, in my enthousiasm I thought "hey! what if I can import the experimental nodes

[ovirt-users] VMs inaccessible from Ubuntu/Debian-based OS

2019-08-30 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello all, I'm having an issue the past couple of days. I have tried anything I could find to solve this but with no success. I have a three node ovirt installation, glustered, hyperconverged and there i have a few VMs. The installation is for experimental reasons before we merge it in our

[ovirt-users] Re: Hosted Engine Abruptly Stopped Responding - Unexpected Shutdown

2019-06-13 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello and thank you very much for your reply. I'm terribly sorry for being so late to respond. I thought the same, that dropping the cache was more of a workaround and not a real solution but truthfully I was stuck and can't think of anything more than how much I need to upgrade the memory on

[ovirt-users] Hosted Engine Abruptly Stopped Responding - Unexpected Shutdown

2019-06-06 Thread souvaliotimaria
Hello, I came upon a problem the previous month that I figured it would be good to discuss here. I'm sorry I didn't post here earlier but time slipped me. I have set up a glustered, hyperconverged oVirt environment for experimental use as a means to see its behaviour and get used to its