Re: [ovirt-users] "remove" option greyed out on Permissions tab

2017-07-18 Thread Ian Neilsen
Hey All Ive dug around trying to find a flag to allow "remove" option on permissions, but cant tell for sure. On every panel the 'remove' option is greyed out. I need to remove users from modifying the disk of the engine manager except admin and unfortunately I can't do this. Any ideas? Thanks

[ovirt-users] "remove" option greyed out on Permissions tab

2017-07-06 Thread Ian Neilsen
Hey guys Ive just noticed that I am unable to choose the "remove" option on any "Permissions" tab in Ovirt Self-hosted 4.1. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this. Im logged in as admin, original admin created during installation. Thanks in Advance -- Ian Neilsen Mobile: 0424 379 762