Re: [ovirt-users] Add additional iSCSI path in ovirt 3.3.4

2014-10-07 Thread Elad Ben Aharon
Hi, Have you tried to discover the new target and to login to it from the 'edit' storage domain prompt? - Original Message - From: Thomas Scofield To: users Sent: Saturday, 4 October, 2014 12:56:51 AM Subject: [ovirt-users] Add additional iSCSI path

[ovirt-users] Add additional iSCSI path in ovirt 3.3.4

2014-10-03 Thread Thomas Scofield
I am trying to add a second path to my iSCSI LUNs but I can’t get the changes to persist. I can get the SPM to login to the second path, and from the server side the multipath –ll output looks good. I can then move the SPM around to force all the other systems to login to the iSCSI LUNs. But