Re: [ovirt-users] Cluster policy question

2016-01-14 Thread Martin Sivak
Hi, evenly distributed takes only the CPU load into account (memory was added in 3.6). If most of the VMs are doing nothing there is no key to use for balancing. Also we only start automatic balancing once the overload threshold is reached (80% load by default) on a host. And we move VMs from

[ovirt-users] Cluster policy question

2016-01-11 Thread gflwqs gflwqs
Hi list! I am running ovirt 3.5.2 with 3 identical nodes. I am using the default cluster policy: "evenly_distributed" I am wondering how that applies? When i add new vm:s should'nt they be distributed according to the resources used on them? Should they not be live migrated automatically? For me