[ovirt-users] Getting Started with oVirt

2014-10-03 Thread Saloni Baweja
I am an aspirant for OPW and found oVirt interesting. But, I don't know much about virtualized networks, storage etc and am just a beginner. It would be great if I get guidance about how to start understanding about oVirt, what exactly is oVirt. How can I get acquainted with oVirt and understand

Re: [ovirt-users] Getting Started with oVirt

2014-10-03 Thread Yair Zaslavsky
(for example,my nick there is yzaslavs) - feel free to drop by and ask questions I hope all this helps, Yair - Original Message - From: Saloni Baweja salonibawej...@gmail.com To: users@ovirt.org Sent: Friday, October 3, 2014 6:14:10 PM Subject: [ovirt-users] Getting Started