Re: [ovirt-users] Non-RHEL RPMs gone after RHV-H upgrade

2018-01-11 Thread Ryan Barry
Hey Colin - You're correct -- they will persist. However, there's only a plugin for yum, and not bare RPM. If the packages were installed with "rpm -Uvh ...", they won't be 'sticky'. I believe this is also part of the documentation. If you don't remember whether you used yum or not, you can

[ovirt-users] Non-RHEL RPMs gone after RHV-H upgrade

2018-01-09 Thread Colin Coe
Hi all We're running RHV 4.1.6. Yesterday I upgraded the RHV-H nodes in our DEV environment to 20180102 and found that all the non-RHEL RPMs are now gone. Their associated config files in /etc are still there. The RPMs in question were from HPE SPP plus a monitoring system client (Xymon). I