Re: [ovirt-users] VM with multiple vdisks can't migrate

2018-02-14 Thread Maor Lipchuk
Hi Frank, Can you please attach the VDSM logs from the time of the migration failure for both hosts: ginger.local.systea.f r and v Thanks, Maor On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:07 PM, fsoyer wrote: > Hi all, > I discovered

[ovirt-users] VM with multiple vdisks can't migrate

2018-02-13 Thread fsoyer
Hi all, I discovered yesterday a problem when migrating VM with more than one vdisk. On our test servers (oVirt4.1, shared storage with Gluster), I created 2 VMs needed for a test, from a template with a 20G vdisk. On this VMs I added a 100G vdisk (for this tests I didn't want to waste time to