[ovirt-users] export to ova

2020-09-25 Thread Tommaso - Shellrent via Users
Hi to all. Hi try to ank another time the same question: in our tests ovirt seems to be able to make only one export to ova at time. also on different hosts and datacenter. Someone can explain to us why?? this is for us a big issue, because we use it in a backup script of more than 50 VMs

[ovirt-users] Export as OVA fails

2019-08-19 Thread anthonywest
Hi. We are running oVirt 4.3.4 with each of the hosts configured to use local storage. When I attempt to export a large virtual machine as an OVA the process begins but fails about half an hour later. On the oVirt Events page the following entries appear: Starting to export Vm Jessica as a