Re: [ovirt-users] new internal SSO

2016-08-15 Thread Ravi Nori
In addition to the list of urls in the original email /ovirt-engine/webadmin/sso/logout /ovirt-engine/userportal/sso/oauth2-callback /ovirt-engine/userportal/sso/login /ovirt-engine/userportal/sso/logout /ovirt-engine/login /ovirt-engine/logout /ovirt-engine/switch-user /ovirt-engine/error.html

[ovirt-users] new internal SSO

2016-08-12 Thread Fabrice Bacchella
I'm currently fighting with the new mandatory SSO system introduced in 4.0. It's also used internally as ovirt-engine is calling himself, as shown in the apache log, to identity himself to himself: [2016-08-12 11:30:24] "" "POST /ovirt-engine/sso/status